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Getting a Hair Makeover

A hair beauty makeover can be as simple as a color change, even just a change in the tone of the hair color can make a big difference.  So many of us are bored or frustrated with our hair yet are hesitant to make any change. The beauty of a hair makeover is that… doesn’t have to be a drastic change, and, hair grows back.  The options for hairstyles are endless!Beauty Salon, Beauty Makeover

At SoZo HAIR our number one priority is, HEALTHY HAIR.  The best products and chemicals are used along with expert advice to keep hair youthful in condition and appearance.  Conditioning treatments, healthy shapings and tender loving care are necessities in the salon and at home.

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A Hair Makeover that Works for You

It is human nature to want hair that looks trendy, healthy and fits our face shape (see Hairstyles to Fit Your Face Shape), but isn’t a lot of work.  The fact is, most of us will have to put some effort into our hair each day but the less effort needed, the better.

Going with a hairstyle that works with the natural movement of the hair will make styling quicker, so will the right styling products.

Since we wear our hair every day, it is a priority and should look nice always.  Keeping in mind your priorities and realistically how much time you’ll spend, a consultation with your hair designer can open their creativity and your mind to possibly make a change that you’ll love.

Whether brightening color, adding shine, going shorter or longer, yes that can be done too, hair extensions are better than ever, it’s an easy way to update your look and lift your spirits.  Treat yourself to a hair makeover and enjoy a fresh start to your new do.

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Karen Welch

Karen Welch has 30 years of experience in the Hair Fashion Industry and is considered an expert in hair design and hair color and beauty makeovers.