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Do you have makeovers for men. I'm kinda getting the itch for a different look/confidence builder. What would you recommend? Thank you and have a great day.

The answer to your question is Yes and its a great idea. The before and after can be quite dramatic particularly if you add color, change the length and get a new style. Honestly, lots of guys are starting to care more for their appearance as they get older. Remember the ZZ Top song Everybodys crazy bout a sharp dressed man? Well its true and guys dont realize how much women like it when a guy is well groomed. You probably havent considered it before, but getting a Mans Manicure (you wouldnt believe how many women look a your hands and notice that your fingernails arent chewed) and getting rid of ALL excess hair is VERY noticeable to women. That means you get a brow wax AND a back wax if youre hairy. I dont get a back wax (although we have a lot of guys who do), but when my wife makes me (thats right she makes me) get a brow wax I get lots of compliments on my eyes from women. Very cool. Dont mean to throw too much at you, but us guys also ignore our skin. Women are all about it and are always getting some kind of skin treatment either at the spa or some expensive home regimen. We need it too and nothing feels better to our ego than when a woman thinks were 10 years younger than we are. Im 52 and women tell me that all the time. If theyre lying I dont care, it still boosts my ego. So if youre looking for a makeover we can do lots of things to change your look, image and take years off your skin. All the services I talked about above will probably cost you a couple hundred dollars which may seem like a lot right now, but I GUARANTEE youll feel like a million bucks! Let me know what you decide to do. Thanks for considering us.

I have a large cowlick at the front of my head, and i really want to change my look with bangs (whether heavy or side swept). the problem is, some people have told me that it's not possible, and that i could never completely tame my cowlick. is this true? and should i just stick with the usual layering and going around my cowlick?

Hi Alex, Though it helps to actually see your cowlick to address your individual situation my experience has been that with the right products, training of the hair and styling technique a compromise can be reached. You dont want to always be fighting the cowlick but it can be cut and styled to somewhat work with the growth pattern. Some ideas would be bangs that are heavy enough to weigh down the cowlick or if they are left longer on the side that shrinks up more it evens out the look. There are usually options to at least try and if your stylist works with you it can be worked out. Please feel free to come by and have a complimentary consultation if you are close by and we can address your hair in more detail. Sincerely, Karen Welch/owner

I have brown hair, not too dark, but still dark enough that the past two times I've gone to my local salon they turn me down when I throw out the idea of going blonde, but I've seen celebrities with even darker hair go blonder than I even want to go so can you do it?

Well its absolutley possible. We would almost have to treat this as a “corrective color”. When doing a corrective color it can take up to 3 visits into the salon to achieve the desired look. But we would love to work with you on making your hair the color you want. Please come in for a consultation so we can start geting you to what you want. Jamie H. Assistant Manager

My eyebrows are growing a bit unevenly. The hair on the left brow grows at very odd angles, mainly up instead of sideways. If I pluck it, it makes the eyebrow look too short. Is there any way to correct this type of eyebrow hair growth problem? It's only started happening with in the last year.
Absolutely!! Another way to keep the eyebrow neat and clean is to trim them with scissors. You will want to brush them up and trim them. If you would like to make an appointment for a free consultation or a brow shaping, I would be happy to help you. Thank you Jamie H.

I am 40 and had some sun damage. I have in the last year developed a few sun spots on my face. Is a microbrasion peel a good option for those?

Hi Marsha, Thanks for the great question. The Microdermabrasion works great to help with sun spots when done in a series of every 7 to 10 days for 5 visits then once a month for maintnance. You also want to use a professional skin care system at home. We have a great one just for you. It is Arbonne Anti-Aging Kit. Come in and see us for a free consultaion and we can get you started. Thanks Michelle (Salon Manager)

Straighteners: I have thick, coarse, naturally curly hair and I love my hair when I straighten with an iron, but this is so time consuming, and not great for my hair. Can you describe the straightening processes and would they help or grow out too fast to be worth it? Your services mention Hot & Cold straightening - what's the difference?

Kathy K., Thanks for asking about the straightners. They do help tame your curl but if your hair is extremely coarse and curly it probably will no be completely straight. The process takes about 3 to 4 hours depending on how long and thick your hair is. Because it is a chemical, your hair will need deep conditioning also. Be careful with it if you have heavy hi-lites. The straightners we use have 2 types: one is cold which helps tame your curls to a softer curl with less frizz, the hot system uses extra steps with a flat iron during the straightening process. You will need a re-touch on your new growth every 6 months. Come in and get a free consultation. Then we can decide if one of these straightners are what you are looking for. Thanks, Michelle (Salon Manager)

I heard that microdermabration is good for black skin is that true?

Microdermabrasion is wonderful for all skin types. Microdermabrasion is a deep exfoliation that helps with fine lines, blackheads, dry patches, etc. It gives your skin a healthy glow and smoothness you have never experienced. It is a process that the more services you have done the better the results will be. So needless to say Yes Microdermabrasion is great for african american skin.

I have colored hair and want to make sure that my color doesn't fade and my hair stays healthy. Can you recommend some products for my hair?

If you have color treated hair be sure to use a professional shampoo & conditioner that protects your color and is gentle on your hair. If you have color treated hair and you ALSO NEED other performance characteristics like volumizing or smoothing or moisturizing, then be sure to buy a formulation that gives you what you need. Many Professional Hair Care Products can be alternated and perform superbly. Styling products should also be prescribed properly and protect color if your hair is colored. A professional hair designer at Bajon Salon will consult with you free of charge to help you find the perfect product mix for your hair.

I have thining hair and would like to get some new ideals on how to style my hair so that it doesn't look too thin.

There are many ways to make thinning hair look thicker. Getting a perm would help add volume to your hair and there are different types of perms that you could choose from. You could also get one of many texturizing techniques. Also, getting hair color could add “dimension” to your hair. There are also great, new, professional products that could help restore your hair and help bring in new growth. One such product is RESTORE from Alterna Professional Products. RESTORE is a three step system – shampoo, conditioner and a scalp & follicle treatment – that actually helps promote new hair growth. Your best bet would be to come in and get a free consultation with me to help you decide which of these methods would be best for you. Hope to see you soon. Jamie H. Asst. Manager

I have had one microdermabrasion session last week at a spa near my home. I am scheduled for a second session at your salon this week. How often do you suggest to do microdermabrasion? After the initial series, what is recommended for maintaining?

The first three sessions should be as close as 1-2 weeks apart after those sessions you should have a session once a month to maintain your skin. Liz F.

I have fine, straight hair and love the way my hair looks when it's curled and wavy but it takes too long to do and being a brand new mother I just don't have the time. I have heard alot about these "new perms" that give your hair a natural looking wave and curl and look much better than the spiral waves we got when I was in high school (many years ago). Has the technique changed that much and is this something that will work well for my type of hair?

Thanks for the grat question. There are better and new perms out there these days. You can get that nice loose curl look using larger perm rods and a different wrap technique than the 80’s spiral rods. A long layered hair cut helps the perm last longer and give you a fuller style. Thanks Michelle, Salon Manager

I have lived in Cincinnati for three years and have had a hard time finding a good salon. I would like to try your salon, but am unsure who I should make an appointment with for a cut/style? Any suggestions?

Thanks for your question. Our salon has been open for six years. We have many talented stylists that have been in the business for 5 to 20 years who know all the trends. Anyone here would be happy to help find the right style for you. Call and make an appointment for a free consultation with one of our stylists to take to you about what your looking for. If you feel you did not connect with that stylists feel free to come back and see someone new. All consultations are free and no ones feelings will be hurt. You can call Lauren the coordinating manager at the front desk and she could also help you determine which stylist you should see depending on your hair type and the style you are looking for. You can also get on our website under meet the staff and read some of our bio’s to help you choose your stylist. Thank you, Michelle, Salon Manager

I used one of those at home boxes of color, like you get at Walgreens, and did my hair my self. It looks aweful! What would be the first step I should take in getting it fixed? Am I going to have to make alot of visits to Bajon? Is this going to cost an arm and a leg?

The first step is to come in for a consultation so we can see the first steps we need to take to get your hair to your desired hair color. Most likely the box color will need to be stripped out, or we might be able to cover right over it. Everything really depends on the tone of your hair now and the target color you would like to be. Usually we can fix you up in one visit, but it is a good idea to come back in a few weeks for touch ups. Depending on how much color and how many processes we have to do, the price could vary from $57.00 to higher. The final step is for you to leave the box color alone! And I highly recomend leaving with a heavy duty conditioner to help rebuild the damage done to your hair. Hair Color and Cut Expert, Jessi

Are body wraps for weight loss on a long term basis, or just to appear thinner for a couple days?

It has been a long time myth that body wraps cause weight loss. Body wraps do not cause weight loss, a healthy diet and exercise is the most efficient way of weight loss. Body wraps are beneficial to the body because they firm and strengthen the skin that is the most neglected. Most people will experience the feeling that they have shed inches from their body. When in fact all they have done is just shed the inches for only a few days. The skin firming serums that are used during a body wrap help break down and smooth out cellulite and fatty tissues, which may give the illusion of weight loss. Someone who diets and exercises correctly and gets body wraps on a regular basis will appear thinner than a person who is just dieting and exercising. With getting the body wraps on a regular basis your skin is being treated with special serums and gels to firm and strengthen the elasticity of your skin. Someone who is experiencing weight loss needs to restore the elasticity of their skin to keep it skin staying firm and tight. Body wraps do not cause weight loss, but they most certainly keep the skin healthy and firm, in turn the appearance of being thinner. Esthetician, Nail Tech and Stylist, Liz.

My old hairstylist put lots of blond highlights in my naturally red hair, but I only wanted a few around my face. He is the type of hairstylist who doesn't really listen. So now I am trying to grow this blond out because I love my red hair and I don't want to dye it. What should I do.

If you don’t want to color over the highlights (which a good colorist can do with a very gentle “deposit only” color to match your natural color) then I would suggest using a “pigmented” shampoo and conditioner. A professional colorist can advise you as to the product which will be best for you and they may even decide to custom blend a formulation for you. ARTEC Shampoo and Conditioners is a professional product line that allows a licensed hair stylist to custom blend perfectly matched pigmented (colored) shampoos so that you achieve your desired results. Listening to a clients wants and needs has always been one of the most important skills that a professional Hair Designer develops. Once a Hair Designer has listened and understood a clients desires, then and only then, do their technical hair design and coloring skills come into play. Be sure and read some of our Client Testimonials to see how important it is to ‘listen, then do”!

I've been having dry skin problems on my face. Can you recommend a procedure that might help?

If you want healthy, beautiful skin, there are four things you must do regularly; cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize and apply sun protection. Follow the simple four-step regimen below. CLEANSE The best way to cleanse your face is the gentlest way: use a rinse off cleanser and forget about soap. Cleansers remove makeup and dirt, but leave the skin feeling silky and supple. Wash your face in warm water (not hot) to loosen clogged pores and stimulate blood circulation. Wet your face put a dime sized dab of cleanser in your palm, rub your hands together and gently massage your face in circular motions, then rinse with cool water (not icy) to tighten the pores. Rinse, rinse, and rinse again. EXFOLIATE Exfoliation will make an amazing difference on your skin. For dry skin exfoliate twice a week and for oily or combination skin exfoliate four times a week. After you cleanse your face take a bit of scrub in the palm of your hand, wet it and lightly press the scrub into your skin. Then massage it gently around your face. To really get your circulation going splash with warm then cool water and rinse well. MOISTURIZE Gently apply a dime sized dab of moisturizer to your skin. (Too much is a waste of money.) Use an upward, circular motion to lightly massage the moisturizer into your face. Make sure not to pull or tug on the skin. SUN PROTECTION If your moisturizer does not have a SPF 15 rating use a foundation that does. The suns ultraviolet rays causes Ninety percent of wrinkles. It is absolutely vital to wear sunscreen, even in the winter you should never leave the house without sun protection. Do this Four-step regimen twice a day, once in the morning before applying makeup and once at night after removing it, except exfoliating.

I've seen a lot of sponges, brushes, loufas, etc. that are being sold promising better skin. Is there any truth to what they say?

Turns out that skin brushing is the secret to healthy, supple, hydrated skin. Everyday brush your skin before, during or after your bath or shower. Though the skin on your body is thicker and harder than facial skin, it still needs attention. Start every morning by brushing your skin in an elongated, upward motion toward the heart. Start with your feet and work your way up your body. Really concentrate on brushing the lymphatic areas of your body (the back of your knees, your thighs and under your arms) to stimulate those glands and get them started on flushing out the toxins. Gently brush your stomach and tush, brush from your finger tips up to your shoulders and back. Make sure you cover your entire body, excluding your breasts and face. (Use a facial brush for your face.) The brushing should not irritate your skin. It may take a couple of days to get used to it, but if you hang in there, you will feel the difference in your skin in less than a week. The three main elements to healthy skincare for your body are: 1) Cleansing, 2) Exfoliating, and 3) Moisturizing Your facial skin care regimen should follow the same basic procedure.

My daughter has just started wearing makeup and I'm unable to convince her that too much, particularly around the eyes, makes her look like a raccoon. Any suggestions?

Its All About The Eyes and Less Is More! Eyes are the windows to the soul. They are also one of the first things we notice about each other, which helps explain the popularity of eye makeup. No other kind of makeup does so much to enhance and change our features as eye makeup. Eyeshadows primary purpose is to enhance the eyes shape. A dark tone makes an area recede, while a light or bright shade will bring an area forward. This is why eye shadow is often sold in kits of two shades a dark and a light. Eye shadows other use is to draw attention to the eye, which accounts for many shades of purples, blues, greens, yellows, and oranges that come in and out of fashion. Eyeliner can be drawn above lashes or below lower lashes or both. Its primary purpose is to make the lashes look lush, but it also draws attention to the eye and can enhance or even change the eyes shape. Eyeliner is available in a wide range of hues, from the common, black, brown and gray to more adventurous shades. Mascara defines the shape and length of your lashes and helps to add volume. Eyebrows frame and balance the face. A well-groomed brow can make eyes appear larger and give your face a lift. Have your daughter come in and we’ll give her a free makeup lesson!

There are so many shampoos available today, how do I know which one is right for my hair?

Choosing a proper shampoo for your hair and scalp can be quite confusing given all of the different manufacturers and types of shampoos available today. Above everything else be sure to ask a professional Hair Designers recommendation because they know hair and they know the product. Also, keep in mind the following: CLEANSING SHAMPOO The first step to healthy hair is to use a shampoo that leaves your hair clean and manageable. Avoid shampoos that contain ‘built-in’ conditioners, because they tend to be heavy and can weigh the hair down. COLOR TREATED SHAMPOO Shampoos for color treated hair will not strip the color out of your hair the way other shampoos will and these shampoos contain ingredients that are gentle and moisturizing. CLARIFYING SHAMPOO Clarifying shampoos contain an acidic ingredient to cut through built up residues left by styling products and shampoos. If used before color or perms the treatment will absorb better and go on more evenly. However these shampoos are too drying to use regularly. VOLUMIZING SHAMPOOS These shampoos contain proteins that bond to the hair and literally add volume strand by strand. These shampoos work great on flat or fine hair. Be sure to alternate them with a cleansing shampoo. COLOR ENHANCING SHAMPOOS These shampoos are designed to keep your color from fading and add tone to the hair. They work to extend the life of your color. They will also add shine to gray hair and help reduce the yellow. They are good to use after a perm because the peroxide in the neutralizers can lighten the color of your hair. The next step in maintaining healthy hair is to use a conditioner after cleansing for all types of hair. A good moisturizer will condition and strengthen your hair without leaving your hair overly soft and hard to style.