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The new MIRACLE Leave-In Hair Treatment from SoZo Heavenly Hair Care saves, heals and protects the hair.  It adds moisture and protein to the cortex (inner layer of the hair), which strengthens, then seals the cuticle which protects the inner layer and hair color molecules.  By sealing the cuticle the hair is more reflective which adds shine, diminishes frizz and fly away’s, mends split ends, protects from sun and heat damage, gives light control/hold and….. smells amazing!

Miracle isolated larger (Medium)

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With a state of the art, high-viscosity, NO CLOG sprayer it’s the easiest application ever when it comes to leave-in conditioning treatments!  Even distribution with the calibrated and atomized mist gives amazing results without extra time or effort. The easy-to-hold, anti-slip, sleek BULLET bottle gives superb control so the product goes exactly where you want it. MIRACLE comes in two sizes, 6.75oz Luxury Size and 2oz Travel Size. At a cost of about 15 cents per use, it’s a must have for your hair.  Click on the image to purchase.

MIRACLE will do the following for your hair:

  1. Saves Hair From Heat Damage Caused by Ironworks
  2. Protects & Seals Hair Color
  3. Anti-Aging, Youthful Hair Formula
  4. Prevents Split Ends
  5. Strengthens Fragile Hair
  6. Improves Texture and Manageability
  7. Smoothes Frizzy Flyaway Hair
  8. Revives Dry Damaged Hair
  9. Preserves & Restores Natural Body
  10. Healing Detangler
  11. Ageless Shine, Softness & Silky Smoothness
  12. Shields Against Humidity
  13. Tames Unmanageable & Unruly Hair

Directions for use: Apply MIRACLE to clean, towel dried hair by misting 3 to 6 sprays (depending on hair length and density) followed by chosen styling products.  Additional MIRACLE  can  be applied to dry hair if needed for de-frizzing, added shine, manageability and body.  The unique high viscosity sprayer provides an even mist making application quick and easy.  If preferred,  MIRACLE can be cocktailed in the hands with any chosen styling product using the same amount as mentioned above.