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Face Shape and Hair Styling Must Go Together

Forms of a female faceOne of the most important factors of a hairstyle is your face shape. It is so important because hairstyles are all about geometry (that’s right, there’s actually math involved in a great hair cut!) . You want to have the perfect frame around your face to balance the overall shape. The shape must minimize non pleasing attributes and promote and compliment positive ones. The main goal is to try to achieve an oval shape! To do this, long faces need shortening, like round faces need lengthening. The first thing to do is to figure out what face shape you have. It can be oval, round, square, heart, triangular, diamond, rectangle or oblong.

Picking Hair Cuts and Styles that compliment your Face Shape

Oval face shapes are the best because they can pull off any hairstyle. An oval face shape is ideal and it is the goal when choosing hairstyles by balancing other shapes to appear oval.  If you have an oval face shape you’re golden and can wear about any hairstyle. When picking a style, base it off of what feature you would like to accentuate. You should avoid styles that springhair3hang in your face or hide your face.

Round face shapes should try to add length and void width. Pick a style with height and fullness at the crown to narrow the face. Middle parts and short styles help but you want to stay away from chin length bobs and straight across bangs.

Square face shapes should pick styles to soften your jawline. Wispy or side bangs will help and medium length hair with height are also good. You should avoid blunt bobs at chin length with heavy straight across bangs and middle parts.

Rectangle face shapes fallbobcan use the the same rules of thumb as square but also focus on shortening the appearance of the face as well.  This could be a slightly shorter length for instance.

Heart shape faces need to add length and width around the chin. Any chin length styles will work best. If keeping longer, cut wispys around the face.shorthighlights3jpg You should avoid short full styles or slicked back looks that emphasize your upper face.

Triangular face shapes should narrow the chin and widen forehead, (or the opposite for an inverted triangle shape). Layered styles help balance the jawline. Shorter is generally better than longer. Avoid anything around the chin, such as bobs. For inverted triangle, narrow the forehead with bangs and widen the jawline with chin length.

Diamond face shapes need to balance the narrow chin, minimize wide cheeks and shorten length. Styles around chin length help or styles you tuck behind your ears. Straight across bangs also will work. You should avoid middle parts or styles that add height and leave no hair on the neck or chin area.

Oblong face shapes should add width to minimize length. Styles that are short to medium with longer layers work best. Straight across bangs and side parts also help. You should avoid height in the crown and middle parts.
Hair length below the shoulders doesn’t effect face shape as much, but can be layered and styled in ways that balance any areas that need to be balanced.

Once we figure out your face shape, then we can decide on a style that best suits you. Definitely ask your stylist during the consultation to tell you your face shape!  See our blog post on Custom Hair Cuts.


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