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SoZo HAIR Salon Tips

Beautiful hair starts and ends with “care.”  The care your designer gives, and the care you give. Quality products do matter!  Quality professional hair color as well as the application and timing, along with quality at home care are vital.


Here are 5 Tricks for Beautiful Hair

1- Avoid excess heat!  Be sure your dryer, irons, etc. are not too hot and don’t leave them in one spot on the hair too long.  Keep your dryer and flat iron moving.  A curling iron often needs to be held for 5 seconds or so, but when doing “spiral like” loose waves or curls it can be kept moving, pumping it through the section of hair being curled.  It’s a fine line with the temperature of styling tools, they need to be hot enough to get the job done, but not so hot that damage is being done.  I recommend 340 degrees and avoid multiple passes with the flat iron!  Curling irons can be a little cooler or set on medium high.   Very important note, as blow dryers get old they often get hotter, this can be very damaging.  Quality tools are important and don’t have to cost an arm or leg.


Miracle isolated larger (Medium)

Purchase MIRACLE Leave-In Treatment to detangle your hair after a shower!

2- Avoid excess chemicals!  Don’t over do the color.  Try to only color the regrowth (root) area with maybe a slight overlap for blending (read article Number 1 Reason for Dry, Damaged Hair), but avoid pulling color all the way through the length whenever possible and NEVER do overlapping bleach!  Heavy highlighting pulled through the ends is one of the most common hair killers.  A great rule of thumb is, If the hair is already light it doesn’t need more lightening, if it’s already colored it doesn’t need more color.  Changing color often, especially from dark to light, is very hard on the hair, keep this in mind when making changes.  Variety with hair color is nice but do it cautiously and gently.

3- Use quality hair care products!  Yes, quality products do make a difference.  Technology keeps getting better and quality ingredients do save, heal and protect the hair like never before.  It doesn’t have to be the most expensive product line but don’t skimp.  There are products that seem to be miraculous that don’t cost a fortune.

SoZo Products recently developed a Leave-In Hair Treatment called MIRACLE and it’s wonderful! MIRACLE adds moisture and protein to the cortex (inner layer of the hair), which strengthens, then seals the cuticle which protects the inner layer and hair color molecules.  By sealing the cuticle the hair is more reflective which adds shine, diminishes frizz and fly away’s, mends split ends, protects from sun and heat damage, gives light control/hold and….. smells amazing! You can read more about MIRACLE and even purchase it by clicking on the MIRACLE bottle to the right.

trimming4- Keep hair trimmed!  Yes, keeping the hair trimmed does make it seem to grow better.  Though trimming doesn’t “technically” effect the actual growth, it does get the damaged and split ends off which keeps it from continuing to split up the strand and break off.  When hair is breaking it doesn’t seem to get longer,  that’s because it’s not….it’s breaking.  Regrowth where the hair needs a color touch up will be visible so it’s clearly growing, yet it’s not getting longer.  Stop the breakage, get a trim. Besides being really good for your hair, getting a trim freshens your look and always gives a more sharp and groomed appearance!

tangles5- Be gentle when brushing and combing!  Yanking through the hair vigorously, carelessly, does not help matters at all.  It doesn’t have to be like walking on egg shells, just gentle and patient.  A quality detangling treatment and a quality brush or comb with a soft touch will save a lot of hair strands.

Since we wear our hair every day, we should care for it as one of our most valuable accessories:)

Have a HaPpY HaIr DaY!


SoZo Salon Tips is a blog about beauty salon tips, tricks and hints.  SoZo HAIR by Bajon Salon & Spa serves the greater Cincinnati area. We are located in Olde West Chester at the corner of Cincinnati-Dayton and West Chester Rds. We’re just a short drive from Mason Oh and Fairfield Oh….a big city hair salon without the big drive and big traffic.

Karen Welch

Karen Welch has 30 years of experience in the Hair Fashion Industry and is considered an expert in hair design and hair color.