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This is something to AVOID if you want healthy hair!!!  Overlapping bleach on hair is one of the most damaging things to do, and one of the most common.  A nice word for bleach is lightener, so if you hear that word know that it means bleach.

Don’t let your hair be chemically cut!

bleachdamage5bleachdamage7bleachdamageThe issue seen most often is when a heavily highlighted (with bleach) or all over bleach blonde can’t get the sides of the hair to grow.  The issues are, the sides are usually the most fine textured and fragile parts of the hair AND the spot where the flat iron is used the most.  Sound familiar?

brokenairBleach needs to be used cautiously but is all to often “taken lightly” (no pun intended).  For the sake of being blonde, hair across America is overly damaged.  Add a flat iron to hair that has overlapped bleach and well, a lot of you have probably seen it on YouTube, it can break right off.

Once hair is bleached, it’s always bleached.  Even if darker color is applied over top of bleached hair, the hair has been bleached.  Be sure to remember that and definitely let any professional doing your hair know the history.  A lot of professionals can judge the integrity of the hair and know what it can handle but there are many professionals who can’t.  Even if your hair designer knows your hair, it certainly can’t hurt to remind them that you want to keep your hair as healthy as possible and share your concerns of any past bleaching.


This advice is not meant to scare anyone, it’s just cautionary information to save beautiful hair.  Beautiful blondes can be achieved in a safe and healthy way when done in a gentle manner.  Bleach should only be applied on the regrowth and/or where the hair has not already been bleached.  In special cases a gentle bleach mixture can be used to remove artificial hair color if the hair is strong enough, but never left on longer than needed or longer than the hair can tolerate.

The funny thing is, damage can be hidden, to a degree, with hot styling tools.  Problem is, they add to the issue as well.  Great products and protectors along with regular trims can help but why not avoid the problem when possible?

Happy blonding and,

Have a HaPpY HaIr DaY!


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