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Box Hair Color versus Professional Hair Color

What’s the biggest, and possibly the ONLY benefit of ‘do-it-yourself at home’ box hair color? Price, it’s cheap! So if all you’re interested in is price, then read no further. Your local salon will eventually see you for an expensive color correction when your hair color is all messed up, not to mention your hair is fried – dry, dull, brittle and damaged! Here’s an interesting fact, the first time you use cheap box color on your hair, you might be satisfied with the results. But did you know that each time you use box color, your results will vary?  You could even use the exact same box color from the exact same manufacturer, but still end up with a darker or even a lighter result.

Beautiful young woman dyes her hair. Isolated on white. When going to a salon to get your hair done, the hairstylist formulates your hair color to your specific preferences and needs.  Not only does your stylist have the best color options for you, but they also have the integrity and health of your hair as their first priority. There are several big name hair color manufacturers in the world today that spend millions of dollars researching and developing new hair color products with the same goal of hair integrity and health. At SoZo HAIR we use Wella Professional Color Products.

Salon professionals use developer levels of 1.9%, 3%, 6%, 9% and on occasion 12%. Some box color companies have been recorded as using up to 15%.  Do you know what that does to the cuticle of your hair?  The amount of ammonia in the hair color is also a huge factor.  Lighter colors have more ammonia to achieve desired results and need to be used with care.  Even if hair color says it’s ammonia free, it has a derivative of ammonia unless it is truly “deposit only” hair color.  As your hair becomes more damaged, it becomes more resistant to color.  The point in having a stylist do your hair is so that you have beautiful and healthy hair.


Application of hair color is as important as the actual product used.  Repeated application of color all over the lengths and ends of hair isn’t necessary, and is VERY damaging, especially when a harsh product is used.  Healthy hair should always be priority #1, healthy hair is more youthful and attractive, not to mention easier to deal with.

Getting your hair done is like buying anything of quality, you always get what you pay for!

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Karen Welch

Karen Welch has 30 years of experience in the Hair Fashion Industry and is considered an expert in hair design and hair color.