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Benefits of Professional Hair Color

Hair color is an accessory these days, as much as it can be a necessity.  The value of having hair color done professionally is greater now than ever before.  Besides choosing the correct category of color, the tone is so important, the volume of developer, ammonia content, timing and placement/application all play into a successful color, or color correction on the hair.

Since we’re changing our hair color more often, repeated applications need to be  done in the most gentle way possible so a beautiful head of hair isn’t ruined and your hair STAYS HEALTHY (See article Box Color or Professional Color).  Add a flat iron to hair with repeated applications of hair color not done gently, and well, I think you know what I’m talking about, it breaks.

20141015_163139Problems using Box Color at Home

One of the most common problems we see from color done at home with store bought box color is, the color was put “all over” from scalp through the ends.  If this is done month after month, that repetitive chemical effect wreaks havoc on the evenness of the color and the condition of the hair (see article Number 1 Reason for Dry Damaged Hair).  Color doesn’t always need to be pulled through the ends. The best way I can say it is, only put the color where it’s needed.  Placement, strength and timing are key factors in keeping the hair healthy.  Applying color properly on one’s own head is nearly impossible.  The value is usually clear in the way the hair looks and feels, not to mention, getting it “fixed” can cost a lot more in the end!

Hair Color Theory and Hair Size

Learning the theory of hair color has been the most exciting part of my career.   Since every single head of hair is different, Professional Hair Color is a science. Each and every person20141015_163221 has varying amounts of melanin in their hair and the types/amounts of melanin also vary.  The size of each strand of hair plays a role, as well as the fact that size can vary in different areas of the head.  one example would be, the hairs around the face may be finer (smaller in diameter) than the crown.   Smaller hairs process faster and are more fragile.  Remember the flat iron example above?  That is usually an issue in the side hairline where hair is often the most fragile.

Whether getting a retouch just for the new growth or an in-depth multi-color full highlight foiling or even an ombre, it’s best to have a professional apply it properly.

In closing, a very important tip is to book extra time (consultation time) with your colorist when making changes or if you just have questions about getting Professional Hair Color.  This will allow for a more relaxed experience and better communication for a better result.

Have a HaPpY HaIr DaY!


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