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SoZo HAIR Salon Tips

Let’s face it, when you’ve paid $200, $300 or more for your new, absolutely fabulous, stunningly beautiful, life changing artistic haircut and rich, vibrant professional hair color, you want it to last FOREVER, unless of course, you need another life changing hair beauty makeover in six months:-).  The point is – you’ve made an investment in yourself! Now what do you do to protect your investment and keep your “I was just in the salon look” until your next visit in 6 – 8 weeks?

So here are the Top 5 Ways to Preserve Your Hair Color

1-Avoid shampooing everyday.  Just rinsing or conditioning instead of shampooing are great options for those who feel they need something on a daily basis.  Conditioners will attract debris and rinse it away along with adding moisture to dry hair.  Dry shampoos (Dry Shampoo) are another great option.  Dry shampoos absorb oil, deodorize and give the hair lift and body.  It’s surprising how hair can be refreshed even after sleeping on it, at first glance it may not look great but brushing, refreshing and touching up with a curling or flat iron can do wonders!  Adding some air fluff with a blow dryer may be of help too.  Long hair can be worn up or pulled back on day two which makes it very easy to deal with.  If a problem area like bangs or the nape of the neck are an issue, try just wetting or washing those areas instead of the whole head of hair.


2-When shampoo is used, make it a good quality color protecting shampoo.  Harsh detergents in shampoos that aren’t formulated to preserve hair color do a number on not only color but the hair itself.  Quality products really do make a difference in healthy hair and longer lasting color. Don’t even think about using anything other than professional, salon quality products! Yeah, they’re more expensive, but you’re hair NEEDS them and you’re worth it. SoZo Heavenly Hair Care is such a product line – more expensive, but better ingredients, better formulations and better hair care products.colortrends11jpg


3-Have your designer use a color sealer on your new hair color.  It’s worth the $6-$25 to seal that color.  What a sealer will do is, neutralize any chemical residue so the oxidation process will stop completely and then seal the cuticle layer of the hair so color molecules won’t escape as rapidly.


4-Use a quality leave-in hair treatment (MIRACLE) and heat protector (Thermal Protect) on a regular basis that will keep the cuticle sealed in between color visits to extend color life, not to mention improving your hair health in general.  Heat causes the cuticle layer to open, if not protected color will escape and hair is left dry looking with open, frayed cuticle layers.  When the cuticle layers are open the hair also absorbs light instead of reflecting.  Closed cuticle layers will have more shine and color richness.  A leave in treatment will protect from the heat of the dryer and a heat protector applied to dry hair, before ironing, is extra protection and will often serve as a styling aid as well.

beachhat5-Last but not least, cover hair from the sun and tanning bed!  Any harsh lighting will cause color to fade. If a hat isn’t an option, extra product with sealing benefits are a must.  Some styling products will reflect the sun and harsh light, ask your hair designer for recommendations.  A towel over the hair in a tanning bed is an easy fix.


Save that color and Have a HaPpY HaIr DaY!


SoZo Salon Tips is a blog about beauty salon tips, tricks and hints.  SoZo HAIR by Bajon Salon & Spa serves the greater Cincinnati area. We are located in Olde West Chester at the corner of Cincinnati-Dayton and West Chester Rds. We’re just a short drive from Mason Oh and Fairfield Oh….a big city hair salon without the big drive and big traffic.

Karen Welch

Karen Welch has 30 years of experience in the Hair Fashion Industry and is considered an expert in hair design and hair color.

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