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SoZo HAIR Salon Tips

Ombre Transition this fall is Softer:

Portrait of Beautiful Woman with Long Healthy Colorful Ombre Wavy Hair. Close Up, IsolatedOmbre hair color is still a hot trend for fall though the transition is softer. For those not familiar with Ombre, it’s when color transitions from about mid-length of the hair to a different shade or tone.

Definition of Ombre:

The word Ombre (OMBRÉ) is french (although spelled similar to the Spanish word for “man”) and comes from “ombrer” which means “to shade or shadow”. To a degree, everyone’s hair with length does this naturally due to exposure such as the sun, heat and of course chlorine and salt water.
With Ombre and natural fade, hair is a lighter coombre sandralor on the ends, but with Reverse Ombre it would be darker on the ends and lighter at the scalp (yes, on purpose). Additional articles for those interested in Ombre “style” color techniques include Ombre Low Maintenance Hair ColorOmbre, Sombre or Rombre Hair Color and 5 Tricks for Beautiful Hair.

Ombre Hair Color is Creative:

Being creative with hair color can be fun without being “far out.”  Choosing an Ombre style does not necessarily mean a drastic change, it can be soft and natural while trendy at the same time.  Communication with your hair colorist is key!  If you are interested in experimenting with your color, be sure to book extra time with your colorist/designer for consultation and communication. If you live or work in the northern area of Cincinnati, consider stopping by SoZo Hair in West Chester Oh for more information about Ombre hair styles and suggestions. If you are interested in a consultation or simply curious about Ombre hair, why not take advantage of our salon tour!Before and After by Shelly

Keep your Hair Healthy:

My motto is to always protect the integrity of the hair as well!  Healthy hair is beautiful hair.  The chemicals and products used need to be high quality, professional grade, applied properly and gently.

Have a HaPpY HaIr DaY!


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Karen Welch





Karen Welch has 30 years of experience in the Hair Fashion Industry and is considered an expert in hair design and hair color.

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