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As the hair and fashion industry continue to evolve,  we are constantly seeing variations on existing coloring and highlighting techniques.  In 2014, our beloved two toned Ombre took the industry by storm.  As 2014 faded into 2015, so did our love for our fun and funky friend (Ombre).  The question then became,  how do we ‘un-ombre’ without doing all over color or highlights?  Enter Ombre’s softer, more subtle cousin,  Sombre (subtle + ombre = Sombre), or soft ombre.

While based on the similar technique of hand painting darker to lighter dimension onto the hair, (starting at the scalp, and working towards the ends) the Sombre offers a much softer, less two toned, natural, lower maintenance appearance that allows for a more controlled and convenient  ‘grow-out.’   Sombre is often compiled of three, to sometimes four colors that are hand painted on to the hair in vertical sections,  starting with the darkest color at the root and fading to the lightest color at the ends. The idea is to ‘melt’ the colors together so that the transition of color down the hair shaft is a more sunkissed and soft, as opposed to the harsh jump from dark to light that is common with Ombre techniques.

rombrejpgmedium sexyrombre3jpgrombre5jpgfunky-hair-color
Next we have Ombre’s crazy third cousin, the Rombre. (Reverse + Ombre = Rombre).  The Rombre is often accomplished with two colors, rather than a color and lightener,  however it can be done using that technique as well.  Rombre is placed just like it sounds, in reverse hand painted order of an Ombre. So we see our lightest color at the root of the hair and our darkest color on the hair ends. This technique can be a bit more challenging to master, and requires more regular maintenance,  but it gives a fun, and funky option to hand painting color options.

FINALLY, we have Ombre, Sombre and Rombre’s step cousin, Baliage.  Baliage is a hand painted highlighting techniques that uses Lightner to place dimension throughout the hair, without using a set foiling technique. (Picture literally using the side of your brush to randomly paint in highlights).  This technique offers a softer effect that allows the stylist more versatility in the areas of hair that you will see more light or depth in, without having to foil the entire head. Baliage can also be done in reverse, or as a low lighting method to darken summer hair color,  without an all over comittment. Baliage is probably the most popular highlighting method among male clients,  it gives them the look and effect of being in the sun without the embarrassing foils all over their head.

So whether  you  decide to Ombre, Sombre, Rombre or Baliage, remember that there is a hair painted coloring, all over color technique out there that will surely fit your desired look.  If not, we will uncover another distant cousin to add to the Ombre, Sombre, Rombre, Baliage family tree and you can be the first to rock a new look!


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