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Though hair has always been important to women and men alike, it has become such an accessory in recent years.  Even “not having hair” for men is sort of trendy, so to clarify, a shiny scalp can also be an accessory.  With the trends being as much about color as they are about cuts, the options are endless.  There are great styles for any length and we’re seeing just about every color of the rainbow in hair as well.

With such advancement in hair care products we’re able to keep our hair healthy longer and wear our hair much longer in length.  Not to mention the advancement in hair extensions which can make many things possible that weren’t in the past.  Even the thinning and balding issues can be conquered in many cases these days.

Since we wear our hair every single day it stands to reason it’s a focus for most.

Short hair can be the most trendy and memorable, there’s nothing like a “hot” short hairstyle.  It is true that not everyone looks good in short hair but many can.  Even many who think they can’t, can if it’s done right for their face shape, body style and overall “style.”  It can be a fine line if it isn’t kept feminine and styled right on a continual basis.  Halie Berry is a great example, she is stunning with short hair.  When she grows it out or puts in extensions, she’s still beautiful but doesn’t stand out like she does with short hair.

short darkshort blondeshortish  medium sexy

Medium length hair and the classic bob are always in fashion in some version.  Jennifer Aniston always looks great in medium length whether straight or wavy.  It’s nice to have enough length to pull the hair up when desired.  Medium lengths are very versatile and can be quite jazzed up with fun color.  Maintenance isn’t usually too time consuming for these types of styles that always have a place in hair fashion. With medium or long hair a fringe/bang can always change things up when boredom sets in.

medium with bangmedium layersmedium sandra

Long hair is beautiful, IF IT’S HEALTHY!  Slight damage can be camouflaged with product or hot tools but if that doesn’t do the trick, get a trim at the very least!  Yes, it is true that a trim while growing out hair helps it to grow longer because if split/damaged ends are trimmed off, they won’t continue to split up the strand.  If the hair is too fine and thin (3 Solutions for Fine Hair) to get a lot of  length, a shorter style may be a better option. Hair extensions can also add density and length to fine thin hair for a beautiful appearance, if they are well cared for and not too many are used.  If  the hair is overly stressed with tension or tangling from the extensions, it can take a while to recover and sometimes have permanent damage

.long curledlong ombrelong straightlong brunette

Guys,  the retro looks are hot for you!  The slightest changes in mens styles make all the difference.  Keep your style up to date by consulting a professional or browsing the internet.  A great style doesn’t have to be “metro” but can suit your style and personality.  The retro looks are considered masculine which is cool because more men are open to the looks.  Don’t be afraid of a little color either (see article Yes, Hair Color for Men).  The newer mens color lines are great for blending or covering gray and what’s wrong with a little highlighting?  It can all be done in a faster way than ever before and have a very natural look.

guy hair1guy hair 4guy hair 3guy hair 2

Stay tuned for more on accessorizing with hair color!

Have a HaPpY HaIr DaY!


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