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Often,  when we close our eyes and think about hair color, we picture a female with a head full of foils and hair flowing down her back. However,  in today’s ever evolving hair and fashion industry,  we are discovering that this is not the case any longer. Men’s hair color services are gaining popularity at a rapid pace, and have become a very regular part of the grooming ritual for today’s men.

As with women’s color services,  there are several options that men have to choose from for turning back the hands of time. The most popular choice is 5 to 20 minute grey blending color, marketed specifically for men. Crew and Paul Mitchell are just a couple examples of salon quality companies that offer grey blending men’s color lines.  Grey blending is broken down as a demi-permanent hair color application,  that will reduce,  or blend the appearance of grey in the hair. Formulated in natural tones,  we are able to add back natural looking color to  men’s hairstyles,  with little time or evidence of a color application.

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A second option,  and also relatively popular,  is permanent color. While there are no color lines targeted specifically toward men in this area, men who choose a full coverage of their grey will find permanent color applications most appropriate.  These tend to be a touch more high maintenance because there is a definite line of re growth in the hair that will need to be re-touched every 3 to 4 weeks, (depending on how quickly your hair grows.)
Highlighting or lightening is always an option for our male clients as well.  While this technique tends to work best on longer hairstyles, it will offer a natural blending to grey in male clients who wish to maintain a sun kissed look.

Currently fun color is taking the hair industry by storm, and men are no exception to this look. Whether it’s just a little streak of fun color in their fringe area, or a full head of pure punk rock, men flaunt fun color with the best of them!

So gentlemen,  the next time you’re feeling down about your look, ask your stylist for a recommendation on a mens hair color service,  it just might be the “pick me up” you’ve been looking for!


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