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As a hair designer, one of my most commonly asked questions I get, is how do I fight frizz and care for my curly hair? For a long time I fought the battle of the frizz with my own child, it wasn’t until I went to cosmetology school and learned about the differences in Straight and curly hair that I was able to conquer this challenge. In the following article I will break down these differences, and shed some light on how to maintain beautiful, lustrous curls in your every day styling routine.


While many of us have the attitude that curly hair is curly hair, this is not actually the case. Curl patterns range from gentile waves, to spiral curls, to extra curly zigzag shaped curls. All of these curl patterns have different challenges in the level of frizz and moisture retention, but the one thing they share is their overall makeup. The bends in a strand of curly hair are weak points in the strand. Excessive heat styling, tension and improper care cause these weak points in the hair strand to break, resulting in frizz and fly away strands.

In order to prevent and reverse this damage from occurring, there are a few simple, at home care practices that you can follow. First, let’s understand that curly hair is generally dry in nature, and does not absorb or retain moisture well. To create a good foundation for preventing dry curls using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner is essential. Shampooing daily can actually strip your hair of natural oils that keep it looking and feeling healthy, so try to shampoo every other day or every third day as a rule. Also, adding a deep hair conditioning treatment weekly or bi-weekly into your shampooing routine will make a marked difference. When drying your hair towel dry gently first, then apply a leave in hair conditioning product. Comb gently through the hair with a fingers, pick or wide tooth comb. A brush will apply too much tension and cause breakage. Next, choose a soft styling product to help give your hair memory and combat frizz. (Try SoZo’s Curl Cream, or Zero Frizz).


Apply a liberal amount in the palm of your hand, rub hands together and work through the hair starting at the ends, where frizz seems to be worst. Now, select a finishing product that will give your curls hold, and humidity protection without making them look hard. (I recommend SoZo’s Gel Mousse or Spray Gel). Scrunch product through hair, starting with the ends. At this point you can apply a light finishing spray, (Perfection Spritz by SoZo works great!) and let your curls air dry, or you can diffuse them with a blow dryer and then apply your finishing spray. You can also add a small amount of a styling treatment oil or serum to your product regemine, (in the hair ends only!) if you seem to be battling severe dryness.


Now that we have covered how to care for your curls and wear them naturally, we should probably do a little “Straight Talk” for those of you who prefer to style more heavily. A moisturizing shampoo and conditioner are still a must, as well as a leave in conditioner. Before you blow dry your hair to start the smoothing process ALWAYS use a thermal protection spray. You can also add a shine product at this point, or at the end of your smoothing to help give the hair that glossy finish. (I love SoZo’s Straight and Shine for this! ) Blow dry the hair on low or medium heat, and use a vented paddle brush or rubber styling brush with moderate tension to get the hair as smooth as possible.


Once your blow dry is complete, use your smoothing iron (set at about 350 degrees, more than that will only do excess damage to the hair. ) to finish out your style. I recommend taking small horizontal sections from the nape to the crown and running the iron over each section only one time. A fine toothed come, or finishing brush will give your look that extra smoothness if used after your style is complete. You can apply shine spray or a liberal amount of gloss drops to the ends of the hair after styling if you feel that they look dry.
With all of the above being said, here is the real clincher, investing in salon quality products will always keep your hair in the best condition, and give you the best results. I am aware that this can be a costly endeavor, but your hair is worth it, and most salon quality products last twice as long and work twice as well as anything you will find at your local drug store.
Always remember, as designers we are here to help you with your hair needs and questions. Never hesitate to contact us with any challenges you might be facing. Cheers, and here’s to voluminous, sexy, soft curly hair in the new year!


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