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A few days ago I was shampooing a client, as we were massaging her scalp and chatting at the shampoo bowl, she began asking me questions about the different types of shampoo we carried and what each one did for the hair. This got me thinking about the countless times in my life when I stood in the shampoo isle at the local grocery (prior to becoming a professional) and mulled over dozens of choices, wondering what was really best for my hair. Of course, we are driven by price, and a bargain always seems nice, but was I really doing what was best for my hair by just buying whatever was on sale?

Salon Quality Hair Products

I feel like, although we educate our clients on salon quality shampoo, conditioner and styling products, do they really know which of these items are best for their hair. Do they know what a color care shampoo versus a moisturizing shampoo will do for their hair? With a plethora of choices available, I decided to devote some time to writing an article that will educate our clientele on different types of shampoo, their purposes, and benefits, thus helping to alleviate some of the confusion they experience in choosing the proper type of shampoo.

Let’s discuss what the different types of shampoo are used for, and the effect they can have on your hair, from extending the life of your color to helping with psoriasis on the scalp, to removing product build up and mineral impurities. Sit back, relax, and read on!

<< We’ll start with clarifying shampoo. This was always a confusing option for me until I became a stylist. What does clarifying shampoo do? Clarifying shampoo has many purposes, but the primary use is for removing unwanted impurities from your hair and scalp. These impurities include mineral build-up from hard water, chlorine build up from swimming pools, salt from a swim or two in the ocean and even removal of excess product build up. Clarifying shampoo opens the cuticle layers more than other shampoos allowing the hair to be stripped of impurities. Clarifying shampoo is a fantastic product to have on hand, especially in the summer months, but be careful not to over-use as it will have a very drying effect on both your hair and scalp. This product is best used once a week or less unless directed otherwise by your stylist. Clarifying shampoo is usually NOT color safe, so if you’re a color client, check with your stylist before using a clarifying shampoo on your color treated tresses.
 << SoZo Clarify Shampoo is a very safe and gentle clarifying cleanser. SoZo Clarify Shampoo clarifies with kiwi acids which will get the job done without being harsh or drying.


Next, and closest in relation to clarifying shampoo would be Tea Tree shampoo. Tea Tree Oil has many holistic properties, from an anti-fungal to a natural clarifying agent, to a soother of dry scalp or scalp psoriasis. Tea Tree oil can also help repel lice from the hair as well. Most Tea Tree shampoos have a wonderful earthy aroma and an invigorating tingle on the scalp. These products are fantastic if you battle flakes, psoriasis or generally have a lot of grit, dirt, and sweat in your hair. I often recommend that my Tea Tree users alternate between their Tea Tree shampoo and a moisturizing shampoo, to keep balance in their hair and scalp. Also, not all Tea Tree shampoos are color safe, so be sure to ask your stylist which one is right for you. SoZo Tea Tree Shampoo is color safe. >>

<< Among the most popular of our recommendations would be Color Protect Shampoo. Most of our female clients have color services done on their hair, and they would like as much longevity out of their color as possible. Color Protect shampoo is a gentle cleansing shampoo, with a hint of moisture. It helps to reduce the amount of fading to your color service by not being as abrasive as regular shampoos, and it’s added moisturizing agents help to close the cuticle layers of the hair more tightly, keeping your color locked into your hair strands longer.

SoZo Color Protect Shampoo is color safe and also has a bit of volumizing benefit.





Those of us with fine hair, who like a lot of body or volume are best suited for a Volumizing Shampoo. SoZo Volume Shampoo has a bit less moisturizing agent in it, allowing it to leave the hair feeling slightly course. This allows you to be able to create more volume in your style because your hair is not being weighed down by as many moisturizing agents. >>

<< As an unnatural bleach blonde, I am forever searching for a shampoo that will give me both moisture and volume. Enter Marula Oil Shampoo. Marula Oil shampoo is a light moisturizing shampoo that contains Marula Oils. These oils will add shine and moisture to your hair, but still, leave it full of body. How is this possible? Marula Oil is an incredibly light-weight, essential oil full of moisture and botanicals. When added to shampoo in small amounts it gives just the right amount of moisture to fine hair textures, without weighing them down.

SoZo Marula Oil Shampoo is color safe!




Lastly, we have Keratin Therapy Shampoo. Keratin Therapy shampoo is a fantastic option for women or men who have course hair, curly hair, dry hair, overly processed hair, or any combination of these. Keratin is a naturally occurring protein in our hair strands. It is what keeps them looking shiny and feeling soft. When we lack this essential protein in our hair, it becomes dry and may feel brittle or straw like. Keratin Therapy shampoo combines this essential protein with highly condensed moisturizers to help rejuvenate and repair the hair. Because curly hair types tend to have more cuticle layers, it’s harder for moisture to penetrate into the hair shaft, hence the need for a shampoo with high moisture levels. Be cautious with overuse of this shampoo, adding too much protein to the hair can have the opposite effect, and can actually cause the hair to break and become more brittle. Try alternating your Keratin Therapy shampoo with another product like Marula Oil shampoo. If you are uncertain about what to use, it is always best to consult with your stylist.

SoZo Keratin Therapy Shampoo is color safe. >>


As professionals we want the absolute best for our clients and their hair. While it may appear at times that we are trying to force a sale on you at the salon, we are actually attempting to get you to purchase products that will not only work well in your hair but also last you significantly longer than anything you can buy at the store. While the price seems high at the moment, having to purchase products half as often, and having healthy, beautiful hair every day seems like a pretty fair trade-off.

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