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Everything you need to know about spray tanning and the spray tan addiction.

Spray tanning is a wonderful way to add color to the skin safely. The winter months tend to make us feel pasty and pale, adding a bit of color (it doesn’t have to be “dark”) can make us feel, and look, better!  But…watch out, it can be addictive!

spraytanningSo maybe you have never had a spray tan, or maybe you’re afraid of turning orange or streaky.  To ensure you have a positive tanning experience and receive a natural looking tan, we proudly use Norvell. It is a sunless spray solution that is non-toxic and utilizes the best DHA which has been tested. Each Norvell  solution is a 100% organic, paraben free, gluten free, sulfate free, nut allergen free, propylene glycol free, phthalates free and synthetic free. Contains no preservatives or synthetic colors and is 100% vegan.

A spray tan will last 7-12 days depending on your skin care regimen, lifestyle and whether you follow the list of steps that Norvell provides. A spray tan fades just like a tan from the sun. As your skin sheds dead skin your tan will fade. A professional tan will last longer than a home applied tan due to the percentage of DHA. An average application can take 10-15 minutes to apply and 2-5 minutes to dry so you will need to schedule a 30 min appointment.

To ensure even coverage and longer lasting results you will need to shower, shave or wax at least 24 hours before your appointment. Exfoliate your entire body. Focus on parts of the body that tend to be dry like knees, elbows, feet and hands. During your spray tan, you may wear a dark colored bathing suit, underwear, thong, strapless bra, or whatever you feel comfortable wearing, many want no tan lines. After receiving your spray tan application, you will want to wait at 8-24 hours based on the solution used before you shower. Avoid any activities that will cause perspiration, avoid swimming, moisturizing your skin, or applying make-up until after your 1st shower. Don’t worry if you see color washing off your skin during the first shower, this is just the cosmetic bronzer and it does not affect the spray tan. Also, when you are showering make sure you use a PH balanced shower gel.


Host a spray tan party with your friends!  We’ll warm up the room for you!

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