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SoZo HAIR donates shampoo/body wash to  children in need on a monthly basis.  For the first 10 months of this campaign, donations were made locally to St. Joseph’s Orphanage, One Way Farm, Reach out Lakota and Focus On Youth. 4 months worth of donations were saved up and delivered to Samburu villages in Kenya, Africa.  SoZo to Samburu!

These tribal villages are going through a very rough period.  Drought has made feeding their livestock, and therefore themselves, very difficult.   Add to this, tribal fighting, causing many of them to flee their small villages and take refuge in other area villages.  Money for food is hard enough to come by, much less are they able to buy other things such as body wash, laundry soap or mosquito nets.

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It’s been a desire to take SoZo’s donation to Samburu for quite sometime.  As this desire came to fruition, the timing was ideal.  The need was strong and the villages were so very grateful.

Teaming up with Michael Best, (SoZo owner’s nephew) who is taking a semester off from his junior year in college to do projects in Kenya, we fulfilled many needs.  3 villages received body wash and enough mosquito nets for 100 families. As we realized the strong need for food, Michael decided to reallocate some of the funds he raised to purchase food for the villages, which we hand delivered.

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Above are pictures at the market, delivering food and the cooking begins.

Many SoZo clients pitched in directly by donating money for mosquito nets and food, and indirectly by buying SoZo products which contributes to the amount we donate each month.  We couldn’t do it without your support!  Thank you!

Giving back is a focus for SoZo HAIR, doing so is one of the most rewarding experiences we can imagine. Every little thing done to help someone is really a big thing.  It was a wonderful experience to see their reaction first hand.


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Karen Welch

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