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Foiling Hair is a Passion!

Professional Hair Foiling at SoZo HAIR

When the art of foiling hair is a passion for a hair designer, it shows.  There are many techniques and creative ways to foil.  Depending on the look desired, a great foil can add a natural blended look of subtle variation or a trendy look of obvious contrast.  Foils are not just for blondes, any color can be enhanced by adding variation.

Foiling Isolates Color on Your Hair

What foils do is keep the color being used inside from effecting the color of the hair not in foils.  As we all know, new technology comes along constantly and one of the newest is a  product that keeps different hair color chemicals from effecting each other, even when they’re touching.  This product is mixed with each separate batch of color BUT, does not work for lightener, aka, bleach.  Though we have some other options, foils are not going away anytime soon.

Foils are Versatile!

Foils can be added to any color application to change the look, or to just “get started” with hair color in a  non-committal manner.  The amount of foils, section size of hair in each foil, placement of foils, and shades chosen all contribute to the end result. We explain this in our blog article titled Effects Of Foil Highlighting Placement.

Dramatic Foil Highlights Subtle Foil Highlights   Beautiful Bang Foil Highlights

A creative hair designer can do amazing things, especially when they are detail oriented. There’s no end to all the beautiful hair possibilities with hair color foiling techniques.

Red Foil HighlightsLong Ombre Foil Highlights

Ombre, Sombre or Rombre Foiling

Techniques and creativity used in foiling can vary dramatically from a tedious blending of high and low lights (low lights are darker shades of color as opposed to lighter shades) to ombre color where foils may only be used on the ends of the hair (see our article Ombre, Sombre or Rombre Hair Color). Accentuating facial features and accentuating an awesome haircut gives a personalized, one of a kind look to each style. Below you’ll see two long ombre hair color with braids and curls.

Braids and Ombre Color is the art of foiling hair! Long, curly braided ombre is the art of foiling hair!

Hand Crafted Hair Color with Foiling!

Ombre foiling and its variations never cease to impress us. They are lower in maintenance and much more natural looking, as well as being hand crafted to your liking by your stylist. The only thing that could possibility make the Ombre any better is, of course, a splash of fun color! Adding something as subtle as a few pastel peek-a-boos can really make your hair color and style stand out amongst the crowd. See our article Ombre Fun Hair Color, Sexy Hair Color.

Beautiful Ombre Color is the art of foiling hair!

Hair Foiling Changes with the Seasons

When the seasons change our skin tone often does too, this is a time when adjustments in hair color can keep us looking and feeling our best. Brightening things up or toning things down is an art, letting your hair designer make recommendations that suit you and your style can be a very beneficial experience.

Why be one solid color when we could all use a little spice in life!

Have a HaPpY HaIr DaY!


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