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Several months ago we featured an article on Ombre highlighting and the various placements associated with this technique. Today we would like to re-visit this topic, but this time, we feature this technique with flair! Let’s add some Ombre fun hair color for sexy hair!

As the most popular color placement technique over the last 5 years, Ombre and its variations never cease to impress us. They are lower in maintenance and much more natural looking, as well as being hand crafted to your liking by your stylist. The only thing that could possibility make the Ombre any better is, of course, a splash of fun color! Adding something as subtle as a few pastel peek-a-boos can really make your hair color and style stand out amongst the crowd.

Beauty Model Girl with Long Healthy Colorful Wavy Hair

Okay, maybe you don’t want to stand out this much, but it’s fun to see.

Portrait of happy smiling funky young female with blue hair lock, over dark background

Maybe this is more your style.

Blue haired girl stand on the ends of the earth

Surprisingly acceptable!  If it won’t “fly” at work, maybe for vacation.


A fun Ombre on short hair.  Yes, it works on short hair.

young beautiful short blue hair hipster woman with headphones music in the city

Very stylish and feminine.

How does this process happen?

So what does this service involve? It starts just as a traditional Ombre would, with pre-lightening the mid-shaft and ends of the hair. Many people leave their natural color at their root for lower maintenance upkeep, but your Ombre can consist of as many colors as you’d like. From its natural blondes and browns to a head full of vibrant neons or soft pastels, Ombre gives you and your stylist the greatest amount of versatility when it comes to placing your color and truly making it all your own.


You should be aware that fun colors, because of their vibrancy, do not last as long as other more naturally occurring colors. Your stylist will be able to give you tips and tricks on how to extend the life of your fun color, as well as product recommendations for taking home. The cost of re-depositing your fun color every 3 to 4 weeks should not be too high, but it will depend on your color choice and your stylist’s pricing. Re-lightening shouldn’t have to happen for some time due to the fact that trimming your hair or doing an all over color service are the only ways to un-do your Ombre. As your fun color fades you may like the look of your blonde ends and always have the option of leaving them without additional color.  Or, even applying some of the temporary color sprays like “Instatint” to change the pre-lightened blonde temporarily on your own.instatint (Medium)

The key is….GENTLY pre-lighten!  It’s Highly recommended that pre-lightening be done professionally for the sake of your hair’s integrity! Lightener is the strongest chemical for color and needs to be handled with care.  Instatint is available in professional salons.

You should also speak with your stylist about a regimen of conditioning treatments. They are a great addition to your hair care routine and can cost as little as 20 dollars. Conditioning treatments are meant to penetrate into the hair shaft and help rebuild your hair’s strength, shine, and elasticity from the inside out. They can also be preventative in that the hair is in much better condition when performing a color service. This will reduce damage and create a fabulous canvas for beautiful and evenly deposited color along with greater longevity out of the color service.

Top 3 recommendations for preserving hair color…SoZo’s Color Protect Shampoo, Silk Protein Conditioner and don’t forget MIRACLE leave in anti-aging and color saving treatment!

SoZo Color Protect Shampoo 8oz (Medium)SoZo Silk Protein Conditioner 8oz (Medium)Miracle isolated larger (Medium)

Just about any stylist will tell you that a picture is worth a thousand words, so when looking for the color placement and shades you’d like, don’t be afraid to use social media and find something you love to give your stylist a reference point. You may like parts of one picture and other parts of a different picture, that’s okay, then they speak 2000 words.  Also, remember that your stylist is professionally trained to help you maintain your hair health and integrity, so before trying anything drastic at home, give them a call. They would rather fit you in and have you loving your new look without having to do damage recovery first. Whether you want a funky blue and purple Ombre, or some soft pink in your ends, let your stylist create that perfect shade of fun for you!

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