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Harsh, cold winters can be so hard on scalp/skin and hair. Take these easy steps to protect yours this year!

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#1 Using a good  shampoo and conditioner with quality ingredients is surprisingly effective and, a great first step.  I like SoZo Heavenly Haircare’s Tea Tree Oil and Peppermint shampoo and conditioner for dry scalp treatment. Not only have I seen it’s benefits, the testimonials of my clients are what really impress me.  The key is to massage the moisturizing ingredients into the scalp, not just washing “the hair.”  By massaging, the benefits of the soothing ingredients increases because they are actually “worked in” to the scalp and, the scalp is stimulated to receive the benefits.

#2 Did you know you can actually get a facial for the scalp?  You can.  It’s an exfoliating treatment that your hair designer applies, massages and then drying hairlets sit as a masque for about 15 minutes.  By exfoliating the dry skin from the outer layer of the scalp, the layer beneath is refreshed and stimulated to regenerate in a healthy way.  This will also unclog pores and help the hair grow better.  Dry skin on the scalp can make it hard for the hair to break through from the follicle.

#3 Avoid extremely hot water!  Cooler water has much less of a drying effect on skin and hair.  The water doesn’t have to be “cold” just avoid extremely hot.  Heat opens the cuticle of the hair shaft which exposes the cortex (inner layer) to drying, color fading and the effects of the elements.  A cool rinse, if you can stand it (especially in the winter), will close the cuticle and protect the hair shaft along with leaving less of a fly away look from a frayed and open cuticle.

#4 If blowing the hair dry, first put a light weight leave in conditioner or a light coating of argon oil on the hair, and why waste, massage residue into the scalp if needed. This will protect from the heat of drying the hair and causing a dry scalp.   Finish with the cool button or cool setting on your blow dryer to be sure you close the cuticle layer and, it will add some shine.

#5 If flat ironing or curling, first apply thermal protector! Also, avoid multiple passes with the flat iron, this is the number 1 cause of breakage on hair.  Try to keep your flat iron temp 340 degrees or below, flat irons get way hotter than necessary for the average head of hair!

These simple things will make a big difference so, here’s to a healthy scalp and healthy hair!pretty hair

Have a HaPpY HaIr DaY!

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