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A few weeks ago we covered the topic of caring for your curls.  Out of fairness to all of our fine haired beauty’s out there, we are now going to dissect the do’s,  don’t’s and how to’s for fine hair.

First,  let’s start with the answer to an age old question,  what exactly is my hair type. Often, people confuse hair texture, (fine, medium or course, the diameter of each strand) with hair density, (the amount of hair on the head per square inch.)  It is very possible to have course, curly hair and have a low hair density, just as you could have fine hair with a high density.  Also, understanding that fine hair, being smaller and having less melanin, lightens faster, and when depositing color can appear up to a level darker because the color molecules are condensed into a smaller area.  Being smaller in diameter can also mean that fine hair is more easily subject to both damage and breakage.

To help you avoid unnecessary damage to your fine hair, and get that full, voluminous look you are after, try the following style and product suggestions.

As a foundation,  try using a volumizing shampoo, paired with a light conditioner.  Use only a small amount of conditioning product, and try to concentrate on the ends of the hair (applying conditioner near the scalp can cause fine hair to feel weighed down, and give it a greasy appearance,  even after just being washed.)

Next,  After lightly towel drying the hair apply a root booster to the crown area of the hair at the scalp,  and any other areas you are looking for additional volume. Then, use a small amount of a styling mousse, something light that will help the hair have memory, but not weigh it down.  Finally, apply a thickening or blow out spray. Now you are prepped and ready to blow dry. To create more volume in your style, during your blow dry use a round brush and lift the hair away from the scalp. If you are not comfortable with using a round brush, blow drying your hair upside down also works.

To finish you style, add a little curl with an iron on a low setting, (320 or below.) Or tease the hair in the crown area to create greater volume and lift at the root. If you feel that you have a challenge getting your curls to hold, apply a light amount of a light weight aerosol hairspray, thermal protecting styling spray or “working” spray before using your iron. To finish, lightly brush the hair and give it a good tousle or shake, and spray with an extra body or volumizing hairspray.  Try not to touch your hair once you spray, this helps you avoid that “crunchy” look.

As always,  I hope these pointers help all of our fine haired friends out there. Remember, using salon quality products will always give you the best results.  Come see us at SoZo HAIR for all of your fine hair questions and needs. We look forward to helping you find the look and products that are just right for you!



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