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Have Some Fun With Your Hair

No need to be bored with our hair!  Hair extensions are a great way to make a change and have some fun!

In our last article, we talked about blue hair highlights and multi-dimensional color (Blue Hair Highlights) which appears to be an ongoing trend in the beauty industry.

Closeup of a model with colorful hair-extensions.





But what about those clients who want the “fun ” in fun color without the permanent part? In the next several paragraphs we will cover your options for adding some punk, length or density to your hair, without any permanent damage.
So what is the wonderful, exciting option? Extensions of course! While they have often only been considered for clients with course hair textures, extensions are now evolving to easier and gentler options for those who have finer hair textures and want the look and feel of something different.

Hair Extensions

So what are your options? Depending on your expense limit, you can do something as simple as a clip in extension, (found easily at most beauty supply shops) to something more long term like tape in or fusion extensions, (which will require a skilled and trained stylist and a consultation.) Obviously, purchasing human hair extensions from a cosmetologist will be more costly, but they will be of great quality and last you much longer than other options. Your Stylist will also be able to help you choose the correct length and color for your service, and they will be able to color your extensions in just about any fashion you choose.

3 Most Popular Types Of Hair Extensions

Tape-in extensions are the newest, safest, most comfortable, quickest to install and the most economical option by far!  Tape in extensions, a huge step forward when it comes to less tension and hair stress/loss have proven themselves as the best option thus far.  Tape in extensions have a wide base of about an inch which makes them more stable, being more stable puts less tension on the hair they are adhered to. The wide base actually allows the extension to lay in a more natural looking way.

Fusion extensions are tiny sections of hair bonded to a tiny section of natural hair with a tip about the size of a large piece of rice.  The tip is heated and rolled in with the natural hair in a very tedious and time-consuming manner. They can stick out from the scalp when first applied which doesn’t look as natural and can be uncomfortable at first because they can “poke” into the scalp.

Micro bead extensions are another option.  These are a tiny ring clamped on to a tiny section of natural hair like the fusion but without the adhesive.  Micro bead extensions are safer than fusion when it comes to tension on the natural hair but it is still the very tedious application and not as “stable” as tape in extensions.  Micro bead extensions are more comfortable than fusion but not as comfortable as tape.

Add a full head of extensions…..or

Portrait of wonderful young blonde woman

Just add a few for color.

Portrait of happy smiling funky young female with blue hair lock, over dark background

Choosing The Best Option For You

Lastly, choosing to have your extensions professionally installed will ensure that your stylist can give you the correct instructions on care for, and proper styling of your new investment. Thus giving you the best experience and longest wear possible out of your service. Your Stylist should be able to order you any naturally occurring color as well as offer you a range of fashion colors that can be applied to your extensions.
Extensions can range in price from as little as a few dollars for synthetic pieces found in beauty supply shops, to hundreds of dollars for professionally installed real hair extensions. The catch here is that the more you are willing to invest in this service, the better the process as a whole can be, not only for your end result but also for your natural hair when it comes time for removal. Always consult your stylist before making any drastic changes to your hair, especially if it requires adhesion of any sort to your natural hair. They will be able to recommend the best products and services for your hair and your lifestyle.

Remember, just because it isn’t forever, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! That’s the beauty of hair….it can be changed as often as we feel we want it changed, (just be sure it’s done safely and gently!) Let your stylist help you explore different length and color options for your next new look by adding some extensions, you never know what you might be missing.

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