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Your Hair is a Fashion Statement

Hair color has become such an art.  It’s a great way to individualize and express ones self, add to ones fashion statement and conquer “hair boredom.”

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Top designers are more creative than ever and love to have fun with their clients hair color.  Mixing it up, (no pun intended) is exciting for stylists and clients!  Whether a subtle, noticeable or drastic change, hair color is at the forefront of the fashion world and the options are almost endless.

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Consultation is Key to Getting the Color, Cut and Style You Want

A consultation with your stylist to unveil options for your hair color is a great starting point for future consideration of what will work for you.  Keeping an open mind will usually, at the very least, give us something to think about.

Hair color creativity has come such a long way and so has hair color technology!  Being able to keep colored hair healthy is a wonderful thing and top professional grade hair color manufacturers are “all over” the technology to make this possible.  This is a great thing for both hair color clients and hair colorists/stylists.


New Hair Color Techniques

Some of the newer hair color techniques, such as ombre, sombre, rombre and baliage can be natural looking or very trendy/avant-garde but the best part is that it’s also often low maintenance, i.e. doesn’t require stringent touch ups.  The creativity of a focused and up to date hair designer is inspiring and it’s fun to experience when they have their juices flowing. Even if a subtle change is made to start, it spices thing up and gets us used to some change.  There most likely will be looks we just want to admire on others but finding something that suits “you” can be a great experience.

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Remember, we wear our hair everyday, so an investment in a professional hair color, style and at home care (using professional, salon quality products like SoZo Heavenly Hair Care) is more valuable than an outfit that may be worn once a week or less.  Have fun with it and enjoy your crowning glory!

Have a HaPpY HaIr DaY!


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Karen Welch

Karen Welch has 30 years of experience in the Hair Fashion Industry and is considered an expert in hair design and hair color.

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