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For about the last year fun color in hair has been all the rage. We have seen everything from all over solids, to color melts to pixelated hair, yet lately we are seeing these requests change. Why? Here are a few reasons why hair trends seem to be making the shift back to more naturally occurring colors.

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The number one reason for this shift is definitely maintenance.  Fun color is exactly that, fun, but maintaining it can be quite a chore.  Between having to lighten re-growth and then re-deposit your fun color, you are at the salon about every two weeks.  Not only is this time consuming,  it can also be costly.

Reason number two- the process of putting fun color into hair can create a lot of damage.  Any time you have to double process your hair, (lighten then deposit) it causes additional dryness,  breakage and stress on your hair strands.

Reason number three- fun color can be very difficult to remove from the hair.  Even when lightener is applied over faded fun color,  the results can be rather unpredictable.  Fun colors do not tend to have natural looking underlying pigments, and can result in things like green hair when trying to remove.  The removal process can also be hard and damaging on your hair, in addition to what damage has already occurred.

For these reasons and several others we are starting to see hair color revert back to more natural shades.  Maintaining a more natural color is much easier on you, your hair and your wallet!  It’s also easier on your stylist when it comes to making a change.  Your stylist can assist you with a plan to help recover your hair from damage done previously by fun color or heat styling.
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So here it is,  for summer of 2015 we say healthy hair and natural colors are going to be the “in” thing!


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