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SoZo HAIR Salon Tips

As the beautiful season of fall approaches, it’s a great opportunity to revive our hair.  The effects of the sun, chlorine and salt water can leave our hair feeling in need of some pampering!  Why not give your hair a break this fall with some lovingkindness?

Start with a gentle clarifying treatment like SoZo Heavenly Haircare’s Clarify Shampoo. This gentle clarifying shampoo is unique in that it clarifies with natural kiwi acids.  It gets the job done in a natural and very gentle manner.  Adding gentle heat while the clarifier is on the hair helps to open the cuticle, (outside layer of the hair) which allows any build up that has penetrated the cuticle to escape/be removed. This can be done by heating a damp towel in a microwave and wrapping the hair for 10 minutes or so. Or by covering hair with a plastic cap or plastic wrap and using a blow dryer to warm.
After clarifying to remove chlorine and product build up, the hair is then ready to be re-hydrated and strengthened with a balance of protein and moisture.  SoZo’s Argon Oil Mask is a wonderful treatment to hydrate and strengthen!  While the treatment is on the hair, add gentle heat in the same way as described above, this time the cuticle is opened to let the moisture and protein penetrate deeper into each hair strand.  Let cool before rinsing so the cuticle layer can close down and seal the benefits into the revived hair.

Follow by applying a quality leave in treatment such as SoZo MIRACLE to damp hair to finish sealing the cuticle after further nourishing.  MIRACLE also diminishes frizz, adds shine, body and protection

from further heat damage.
Make it a SUPER pampering experience, for you and your hair, by having this hair revival treatment performed at a salon. It might be just the ticket for a great start to the fall season.
Stay tuned for further tips on hair color ideas for fall that will also make your hair look and feel healthier!

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Karen Welch

Karen Welch has 30 years of experience in the Hair Fashion Industry and is considered an expert in hair design and hair color.