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The summer of 2016 brought us baby lights,  and a return to top dying, but what’s new and trendy this fall and winter?

Silver Platinum Hair Color

Silver Platinum is still holding strong near the top of the list. This beautiful, ultra ashy twist on a classic Platinum Blonde, is beautiful for the winter months. This color is beautifully suited for fair skin tones and blue or gray eye colors.

Balayage Is Still A Hot Look

Balayage still holds its place as well, however, we are seeing the incorporation of cool and warm colors together in this hand painted technique for the fall and winter.  The idea behind this pairing of cool and warm together is that you see both cool tones that occur outside in nature, mixed with warm tones you see inside to create one glamorous look. Using warm and cool tones together allows for a subtle, but very interesting change, that can easily be worked with as the weather warms in the spring.

Shadow Roots

Shadow roots are also all the rage at the moment.  While we saw their origination as dark browns and even black in the root area of blonde hair, we are now seeing a great new twist with fun hair color.  All of those Platinum Blondes left from over the summer are placing beautiful deep purples and blues at their root area, creating a fun, interesting and seasonally appropriate spin on the shadow root.

Ahhh Yes…Texture

Texture in the hair is also incredibly popular this fall and winter! Whether it’s loose beach curls on longer hair or a razor cut with a lot of piecy texture on as a short style, straight is not something we are seeing a lot of. Many women are wanting to see more movement in their hair, which is bringing about the return of heavily layered styles.


Asymmetrical haircuts are also making a comeback, as their slightly uneven cut gives the mind and the eye more to play with. Asymmetrical looks can be “cut” into the hair or hair can be “styled with an asymmetrical look. Short and medium lengths show an asymmetrical cut nicely, where longer hair is usually styled in this fashion.

Braids, Twists, And Crimps

Braids, crimps, twists, and natural texture are all being worn with confidence this season. This is very good news because these options actually make it easier to deal with any hair texture and hide a bad hair day with style.

Hair Decor

Hair decor is also popular this season. Flowers, headbands, hats, and scarves are all being decoratively placed in hair to create an adorable change from the norm.  Women are using their hair as an accessory this winter, whether it’s a fantastic new color combo, a lot of texture, or a bedazzled headband, hair is most certainly taking its place in the forefront of fashion this season! We are seeing more scarf cut shirts and dresses, lots of patterns and different textures of materials being used in clothing this season, and the hair we are choosing is a direct reflection of this fascinating fashion trend. Finishing off a trendy look with great hair is easier than ever and hair can make or break an overall look.

Mix It Up With A New Do

Talk to your stylist about giving any of these new hair trends a try, whether you want to just add a few layers to your haircut,  learn how to get more of a textured style out of your hair, or mix it up with a warm and cool color combo,  they are sure to have plenty of fun and interesting ideas to share with you!


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