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Spray tan is a quick and healthier alternative to fighting those winter blues.  Everyone looks and feels better with a bit of color, whether it’s a subtle glow or a golden sun kissed tan.  Spray tan is a simple yet effective way to feel energized after a cold winter or anytime, especially for those who have a hard time actually tanning.

spraytanningBefore getting your spray on, here are some things to keep in mind;

-Spray tan usually lasts about a week and a half.  Of course this may vary from person to person but consistent moisturizing does help prolong the tan.

-Shower and exfoliate before receiving your tan.  Use a body scrub or body brush to slough away any dry or flaky skin so the spray will adhere to fresh, clean skin in an even manner, and hold longer.

-Apply lotion every day.  Keeping tanned skin hydrated is the best way to prolong the color, because it won’t dry out and begin to flake or be as susceptible to rubbing off.spraytan4

-Pat dry after showering.  Rubbing vigorously with a towel or wash cloth can act as an exfoliant and rub the tan off prematurely.

-Wearing nail polish, even just a clear coat will protect the finger nails from staining.  The tan spray will wipe off of nail polish, but will absorb into a natural nail, causing discoloration.

tanning-If wearing a bathing suit while being spray tanned, wear an old suit or one that is dark in color.  The spray can stain a light colored suit.  Many choose to have “no tan lines” and go in the buff, while some prefer proof of their tan and like the tan lines.

-Wear loose fitting, and dark colored clothing to your appointment. This will keep your tan from being rubbed off while continuing to dry, and clothes won’t be stained.



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