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Men often feel more limited in their cutting and styling options than women. But…when men do find a stylist that understands what they like, they are very dedicated and will often follow their hairstylist wherever they go throughout their career. While our current industry is riddled with places geared toward a quick in and out men’s haircut, most men do not find as much satisfaction in these services. Nobody wants to feel as though their stylist is rushing through their service.

Get Pampered Guys

The experience of being pampered at the salon is no longer just for women, and many stylists take the time to keep themselves current on what is trending in men’s hairstyling.

As men’s grooming services gain continued popularity, more salons are offering their stylists classes on men’s cutting and current trends. They are also offering things like extended scalp massage and hot towels for the face, so that male clientele feel just as pampered as female clientele. Many men have been seeing the same stylist for years, as opposed to women who tend to bargain shop or find someone who might do a better job for a lesser price. This is why retaining a male clientele and sharpening men’s cutting skills is so integral for hairstylist’s. While the margin of error is much smaller in men’s cutting and styling, this is a skill set that, once tailored is invaluable. Men appreciate a great cut, and even color, just as much as any female client!

Men’s Haircuts Are Eclectic As Of Late

Men’s hairstyling does not offer the change or variation that women’s styling has in the past, however with such an eclectic mix of men’s styles being worn currently, it is essential that hairstylist’s stay up to date on both men’s cutting and styling, as well as product knowledge. Today male clients are wearing everything from a traditional business cut, done entirely with scissors and comb, to a bald fade, done with extensive use of clipper and scissor work.


Consider The Face Shape

When consulting with male or female clients, stylist’s keep several things in mind, from what your morning hair routine is, to the shape of both your head and face. Just as in women’s services, your stylist needs to consider what is going to help give your face the most pleasant shape. So giving someone with a round face a tight fade may not be a great idea. It may cause their cheek area to look wider and make them feel more self-conscious. To add length to the face in a men’s style we can do things like leave the sideburns longer, suggest a style with more volume, or leave the sides of the hair longer. Adding bangs is also something your stylist can do to help change the face shape in a men’s cut. When your cut is finished your stylist should look from every angle to make sure that the head shape looks round from each direction, this creates fluidity throughout the style and keeps the clients head from looking square or pointy in any area.

Why Wear Gray Hair If You Don’t Want To?

Color services are also a fantastic way to help men look and feel better about their hair. Men are able to have any color or chemical service that women can, as long as they have the appropriate length of hair to perform the service.

Gray blending color seems to be at its peak in popularity for male clientele. Gray blending color adds a natural amount of gray coverage to the hair, and also is a semi-permanent color service, so there is a very natural fade out of color, as opposed to a hard line of demarcation found in permanent color services. Most gray blending color applications take less than 20 minutes to process, making them a quick, easy and affordable addition to a haircut service.

Pictures Speak A Thousand Words

As in any service, a picture is worth a thousand words.
If you are able to give your stylist an idea of what you are after in a picture it makes their job much easier, they can then tailor the style to the face and head shape.

Stylists are also well versed on hair care products that will eliminate dandruff or itchy scalp, and products that can be used to help regrow hair or prevent further hair loss. It is never a bad idea to discuss any challenges you may be facing with your hair and scalp with your stylist. They are there to help you look and feel your best!

At SoZo HAIR we welcome both men and women for all of our services, including skin and nails. Today’s male is just as concerned with their appearance as most females, and we pride ourselves in helping them not only find availability for these services but also rest and relaxation while having them done.


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