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How is shellac applied and how long does it last?

When it comes to shellac, your nails are painted with a base coat, at least two coats of color, and a top coat.  In between each layer of color and following the top coat, you insert your hand into a UV lamp to dry (set) the polish.  The first coat is under the lamp for approximately 10 seconds, the second and third coat go under the lamp for approximately 120 seconds, and the last coat takes about 180 seconds to cure under the light.  The whole process of a shellac application takes about forty minutes with a manicure included.  At the end of all the curing, you spray rubbing alcohol, or, believe it or not, rub polish remover on the nails to remove the tacky layer which then leaves your nails completely dry with no more waiting what so ever!  This makes it convenient to get in your purse without nicking, denting, or smearing your fresh new manicure. It’s truly been the best new technology in nail services for a very long time! Shellac does last for 2 weeks for the average person. The trick is, DO NOT PICK!!!!  Easier said than done but if you can resist the urge, the polish will last AND…..If Shellac is removed properly, NOT PICKED OFF, it will NOT tear up your nails.


A shellac manicure is known to last two weeks as promised.  The nails continue to stay super shiny without chipping and grow out as the nails grow.   As tempting as it may be when the polish eventually does start to chip or lift, it is best to return to the salon to get it removed.  Do not pull or pick off the polish as it can damage the nail bed if not removed the proper way.  When you get to the salon to have your shellac removed we can do it one out of two ways. First, we buff the nails to take off the top layer, break the seal so to speak, we then soak the nails in a bowl of acetone, (or polish remover, polish remover takes longer but for those against acetone, remover works) for about ten minutes till the polish starts to dissolve then gently remove the remaining polish with one of our specific nail tools. Another way we remove the shellac is once again buffing the nail to remove the first layer, then wrapping a cotton ball soaked with acetone (or polish remover) around your nail bed and securing it with aluminum foil while the acetone again helps dissolve the shellac.  We then again use one of our nail tools to remove the remaining shellac off of the nail in a gentle manner.  Here at Sozo Hair by Bajon Salon, we refuse to use drills to remove the shellac in order to prevent damaging the nail bed.  At our salon, our main goal is to be sure we keep your nails in the best condition possible!

Shellac Pedicures


Shellac polish can also be used on the toes which can be nice in the winter, shoes can be put back on and there are no worries of smudging etc. It has to be removed the same way as the nails so it can be a process that isn’t as necessary for the toes which hold polish much longer than fingers.  A nice alternative is Vinylux polish from the same maker as Shellac. Vinylux is a fast drying polish that will also allow shoes to be put on after just 5-10 minutes of drying. It lasts longer than regular polish but comes off without soaking.  The longer Vinylux is on the more it needs to be “worked” to remove but nevertheless, it does come off the old fashioned way.


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