Life at SoZo HAIR remains as exciting and productive as ever! We continue to raise the bar for our clientele every day, and with that, we are now offering some excellent new take-home items for you.

Most women hit the 4-week mark with their color and feel like it could use a boost of vibrancy, whether it’s beautiful blonde or fun funky hot pink. Well, you are in luck, because we have discovered a fantastic new product for you to take home that will help address this challenge. We are now offering two-ounce bottles of fun color and natural color enhancing shampoos. These awesome little bottles can be used to deposit fun color into your blonde, blonde highlights or to enhance the vibrancy of your red, brown or blonde hair color. They can also be mixed together to match your specific color enhancing needs.

Here’s how they work, shampoo multiple times in a row to deposit deep vibrant color to blonde, or highlights. Shampoo every other time with color enhancing shampoo to maintain consistent vibrancy in your hair color, using your recommended SoZo shampoo on the alternating washes. OR…. shampoo once a week with color enhancing shampoo to help keep the tone of your color. You can also use several of these shampoos to tone unwanted yellow or brassy tones from your hair.
Once you are ready for a change, revert back to shampooing with your normal SoZo shampoo and your color enhancer will slowly fade allowing your original blonde or other colors to return. You can then try a different color enhancing shampoo or head to your stylist for your color service and some suggestions on which color enhancing shampoo will work best for keeping your new look vibrant.
These awesome new shampoos not only add color to your hair or enhance your color, they also leave your hair soft, shiny and luminous. These awesome inter-mixable shampoos come in 12 exciting fun color shades ranging from yellow all the way to denim blue, and 10 color enhancing gem tones ranging from a diamond white blonde to deep ash brown. The gem tone shampoos can also be used to tone your hair after a color service, whether you want to add a pop of red over your brown or tone unwanted yellow from your hair. The great part is that you can take home shampoo to tone your hair and maintain beautiful color results in between your salon visits. Your stylist can also give you recommendations on which shampoos you will be able to intermix to create copper reds, or ashy browns and every shade in-between. You can also intermix the vibrant fun color shampoos to create a fun color shade specific to your desired look.
When you use these shampoos to deposit color onto blonde, run them through your hair to saturate and fully deposit color, then lather.  Letting these shampoos sit on your hair for an extended period of time will not improve your results, for deeper vibrancy, you will need to shampoo multiple times in a row. Once you achieve your desired color results, then shampoo every other time with your color-enhancing shampoo to keep your color vibrancy consistent.
For maintaining your color vibrancy or tone use your chosen color enhancing shampoo 1 to 2 times a week, alternating with your SoZo shampoo to maintain your freshly colored salon look in between services. If you feel like you are getting too much vibrancy, back off to one shampoo a week with your color enhancer.  If you feel you need more toning or vibrancy bump your color enhancing shampoos up to three times a week.
We also highly recommend using SoZo Miracle Leave-In Treatment after every shampoo, but especially after you use your color enhancing shampoo. This will not only help close down the cuticle layers of your hair, keeping your freshly deposited color enhancer within your hair strands, it will also add a thermal protectant and UVB protectant to your hair. Use of heat styling and time out in the sun are two of the most common denominators when it comes to color fade, so using your color enhancing shampoo with Miracle leave in treatment is sure to keep your hair color looking salon perfect every day!
Next time you visit us at SoZo Hair be sure to talk to your stylist about our great new color enhancing shampoos and find out which one will work best for you. This is all a part of our effort to keep you looking and feeling your absolute best in between services. So stop in and check out these awesome new products and have a vibrant, luminous and happy hair day!


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