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In keeping our clients up to date, we felt at least letting you know what “pixelated hair color” is, would be interesting. Though it’s not for everyone, it is eye catching and creative.


Starting in 2014 the hair fashion industry has seen some radical and interesting changes in color placement and techniques.  Ombre was the first new look to take us by storm.  With its intentional outgrown highlighted look, it was made popular by the stars. Next we were stricken by pastels and smokey greys splashing the pages of fashion magazines in 2015.

Well 2016 is not even here yet, and these trends are being called a thing of the past.  So what’s got heads literally turning these days?  Pixelated hair.  Yes, that’s right, it looks just like it sounds, tiny squares painted onto the hair with lightener, and then toned with varying colors to create the look of pixels. This can be done in a soft look with colors that complement the natural hair, or with bright neons.


This look is achieved with a technique called xpresionpixel placement.  A quarter inch horizontal section of hair is divided into three small, see through, horizontal sub sections.  Underneath this section, a foil is placed with the desired pixelated pattern drawn on it in sharpie.  The foil is secured to the underlying hair using pin curl clips.  The first sub section is taken and laid over the foil.


Using a small brush, lightener is carefully painted onto the hair in the pattern drawn on the foil.  This sub section is covered with plastic film when complete, and the next sub section is dropped down directly on top of the plastic.  In this section, lightener is slightly offset of the placement from section one.  It is also covered with plastic and the final sub section is dropped.  In this section,  place your lightener opposite the original pattern, creating a checkered appearance.  The hair is lightened to the desired level, then shampooed and blown dry.  After this initial application the creative nature of your pixels is totally up to you and your designer.  They are then toned with a neutral color to add a bit of dimension,  or use fun neons or pastels to give it some edge.


Pixelated hair designs work best on short, straight, or very structured styles that have minimal movement.  The most common place to experiment with this new technique is in the fringe area so that it can easily be trimmed away once it is no longer desired.


While I may not recommend trying this at home, I do think it’s a fun and interesting new way to express artistry and personality through hair design.



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