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Help!!!  My hair color looks a mess… I’ve waited too long!
How does your hair color look today?
Does it still have shine?
Does it seem a little faded and dull?
Can you hide your gray anymore?
When was your last color appointment?
Many people have busy lives and seldom take time for themselves.
The kids have soccer practice, have to stay late for work, the laundry needs to be done, etc.  Before you know it, weeks or even months has flown by.  Then that one day you look in the mirror and realize, Oh no…I need my color again before this weekend.  Does this sound about right?  By the time you finally make it into the salon for your color, it has grown out too long and it may need some unexpected steps to get it back where it should be.
There are several reasons why you shouldn’t wait too long in between your color services.  Calling at the last minute to make an appointment when you desperately need in can be difficult.  There is a chance your stylists is already booked  and so is everyone else in the salon.  Now what are you going to do?  You are feeling stressed and now you have to move other appointments so you can get your color.  Most of us make doctor & dentist appointments ahead of time…so why not do the same for your hair color appointment.  By doing this you can usually pick the day and time that you need and there will be no stress about trying to get in at the last minute.  You can always call to move your appointment if needed and don’t have to worry about your color being long overdue.
When waiting too long in-between your color appointments, you can run into some unexpected possibilities.  If your hair color is grown out excessively it can be difficult to blend with the previous color application, this may cause a noticeable band on your hair shaft.  You may have to settle with going a little darker or lighter then your desired shade.  It may take several color appointments to get back to your normal color.  Also when your regrowth has grown out very long it will take more product to cover and blend into your previous shade, more product means extra cost and time to apply.  Your designer may even need to take extra steps like a toner or glossing to help blend, this also costs more money and takes more time. You can avoid having more stress, more cost and spending more time for your appointment by simply pre-booking your next color service before you leave the salon.
medium sandra
Pre-booking ensures you get in on time and get the day and time that works best for you, here at SoZo HAIR we even offer a discount when you pre-book.
Keep that look always at it’s best by keeping a schedule, it really is easy!
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