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Top 5 Hair Challenges

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Hair is a focus for most of us on a daily basis.  It has been said that women think about their hair as much as men think about, you know what.  Wow.  Some of us want to keep it as simple as possible while others will sacrifice tremendously for beautiful locks.

dry hair

The top 5 hair challenges and how to avoid them are;

#1- Haircolor – if we aren’t  covering  gray, we’re highlighting, low lighting, adding fun colors, correcting, putting color in, taking it out, or just plain experimenting.  The wonderful thing is that haircolor has come so far we can do all this to enjoy our hair more.  The problem with this is that we sometimes get carried away.  Getting carried away is what ultimately damages the hair.  Having a professional with a strong knowledge of color is the best route to avoid ruining a beautiful head of hair.  It’s worth the investment to do haircolor in the safest and most gentle way possible.

#2- Dry and damaged hair – avoiding this in a preventive manner is the best idea.  Using quality products, protecting from heat damage and not getting carried away with chemicals  goes a long way!  It’s true that we get what we pay for.  Quality ingredients do make a difference, whether it’s color, smoothing or curling chemicals or at home care.  It doesn’t have to be an obscene price point but a good product and service is worth an investment.  If the damage is already done, deep treatments and regular trimming of the hair is essential.

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#3- Thin hair – luckily, once again new technology keeps coming along and this challenge too, can be made more tolerable.  Though stress is a big contributor, so is heredity, hormones, age, dry scalp which can clog pores and lazy follicles.  The newer products that address these things really do make a difference.  Products such as Bosley and Nioxin cost no more than regular professional products and 9 out of 10 times improvement is noticed.  Also, ask your hair designer for recommendations on thickening styling products  and styles that work best for thin hair.

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#4- Limp hair – adding color or highlights, possibly even a texture wave, will give some life to the hair.  A good cut with texturizing makes a big difference as well.  On top of that, root boosting products are top sellers these days and they do help.  Fighting gravity is the key.  Back combing or back brushing the hair are handy tricks,   the newest way to do this is with a brush made for this purpose, it’s much easier.

#5- Frizzy hair – thank goodness we have options like argon oil and keratin smoothing treatments to help with this oh so common issue!  Adding a small amount of oil to a  leave in conditioner on wet hair helps so much with frizz control.  A good blow dryer is essential.  When blow dryers get old they get hotter and more damaging.  Tools like flat irons and curling irons de-frizz too, IF THEY’RE NOT SET TOO HOT. Multiple swipes of a flat iron that’s too hot should be avoided because this is the #1 cause of permanent damage and frizz.  Once hair is dry add a bit more oil if/where needed.

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Have a HaPpY HaIr DaY!


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