Top 5 Benefits Of A Facial


facial4Having a facial can be one of the most relaxing things on the planet.  It’s an amazing way to sneak in a “mini vacation” when the stresses of life can wear us down.  When done with the special little additions, like a hand and arm massage while a mask is on, or even a foot massage, it can be euphoric.  A great facial has many benefits for the skin as well as taking us to another world for an hour or so.


At SoZo Hair, Spa & Wigs in West Chester, Oh. we even have a Fassage which is an hour and a half of heaven. The Fassage is a facial and a massage combination in one visit, it’s AHH-MAZING!

To cover the top 5 benefits of a facial, let’s start with;

Relaxation Facial – There’s something about massage of the face, shoulders and neck while having beneficial cleansers, masks, exfoliants and warm towels with their wonderful aromas, and relaxing music playing that can wash away a whole lot of stress.  It’s a must try!  If your very first facial isn’t all described here, try again until either, you’re able to settle in and relax, or you find the right esthetician that fits your comfort level and expectations.

Exfoliation–  Removing the top layer of skin that is most likely dry, fresh new skin is revealed.  The newer, softer skin will look and feel better with a healthier glow.  Exfoliation also has a cleansing effect that releases underlying debris and toxins.  Dry skin can clog pores and cause many issues including acne and blemishes.

Deep Penetrating Moisture–  By massaging good moisturizers and moisturizing masks into the skin, it penetrates deeper.  Doing this ourselves is great but how often do we take the time?  Let someone do it for you, it feels better like that anyway.  Even oily skin needs moisture, it just needs the right kind of moisture.


Improved Elasticity–  By stimulating, exfoliating and balancing moisture levels, elasticity of the skin improves. Better elasticity of the skin means it is more resilient and stays younger looking longer.  Who doesn’t want that?

Better Circulation–  Stimulation increases blood flow which increases regeneration of new skin cells.  Better blood flow also gives the skin more color and vibrancy.

All in all,  the beauty and health benefits of a good facial make it hard to resist.  Treat yourself, and someone you love, to this extra special slice of life and enjoy every second of it!  There are many types of facials to target just about any issue from acne to just plain dull and tired skin.


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Karen Welch

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