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When SoZo HAIR, (Bajon Salon) opened it’s doors in 2000, customer service and satisfaction were THE number one goals and still are to this day. Along with top quality services and products, every person that walks through our door is a priority and gets sincere appreciation with eye contact and respect.  We truly appreciate our clients and certainly hope they know that!  We work hard to let them know just how appreciated they are and strive to make every experience a positive one.

Keeping That Look

Positive Experience

Often underestimated in importance, customer service can mean the difference between success and failure to a business. While offering a quality product or service is important, rarely does that outweigh a negative experience in the mind of the customer. At SoZo HAIR, we strive for optimum customer service and satisfaction.
With the competitive nature of business, and the numerous purchase options available to the consumer, customer service can be the simplest and most cost-effective way a business can go above & beyond to distinguish itself from its competitors.

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Being Helpful and Concerned

So, why is customer service so often overlooked in its importance? One reason is the lack of significance placed on great customer service by the business itself. If customer service is to be a priority for an employee, it first must be a priority for the business. That begins with the type of person that the business employs, followed by continuous coaching & mentoring, and, above all, leading by example. This is especially true in the service industry where the most tangible asset of the business, the employee, is so often the first, last, and sometimes only,  representative of the business that the customer will come into contact with. Additionally, because it is a service in and of itself, employees need to be empowered to be able to adjust the type of customer service needed to suit each individual customer’s personality & specific wants and needs. Though it is impossible to please “everyone”, flexibility within reason can go a long way. Good common sense is a must to be effectively flexible, too often the business representative or owner is defensive or “put out” instead of helpful and concerned.

A dental assistance receptionist appointment at the dentist office

As with any element of business, the ability to offer optimal customer service begins and ends with people. It begins at the top with the decision makers, and the emphasis they place on offering exceptional customer service. Moreover, the type of employees they choose to hire, and the amount of training, coaching and mentoring those employees receive. It ends with those employees having the ability, empowerment, and above all, the desire to create an atmosphere of service that will leave the customer wanting to come back.

Open Communication

At SoZo HAIR, we are often complimented on our friendly staff.  This makes us very proud, client satisfaction is always our desire.  Does this mean we are perfect, of course not, but we sure do try!  Going above and beyond is something consumers don’t get enough of in this busy day and age.  When consumers experience someone going above and beyond for them, they remember that! We want to exceed our client’s expectations in quality, value, and service.  We also encourage our clients to inform us of anything they feel we can do better, open communication is priceless, as so often people will “vote with their feet” and the business never knows why the customer didn’t come back.  Being on top of how things are going and always striving to be even better is a life long journey, we’re never finished learning.

Make A Customer’s Day

When a customer feels special, that is a success for any business. A great experience can make a customer’s day, the desire to make a customer’s day doesn’t come naturally to everyone, finding the right people who do have the desire to make someone’s  day is HUGE. As a friend of mine puts it, “it’s the give a shit factor”  if someone doesn’t give a shit, it shows, in my opinion, we all give a shit about something but if it isn’t making a customer feel special, DON’T be in customer service! It can be fun to make a customer’s day, some customers are harder to please than others but for the tougher ones, look at it as a challenge.  If it’s clear that nothing will make someone happy, well then, there’s nothing we can do but sometimes people are just tired of NOT getting great customer service and it might take them a while to warm up.

It’s Often The Little Things

An unexpected compliment can often turn a frown upside down.  It can be as simple as complimenting someone’s glasses. People have things going on that we know nothing about, great customer service or even just being nice on the street can do things for people that can refocus things to a positive note. If customer service is what you do, do it well by being nice and giving a shit!  My apologies for the shit word but I just haven’t found a better way to sum it up ever since I heard about the factor.

About SoZo HAIR:

SoZo Salon Tips is a blog about beauty salon tips, tricks, and hints.  SoZo HAIR by Bajon Salon & Spa serves the greater Cincinnati area. We are located in Olde West Chester at the corner of Cincinnati-Dayton and West Chester Rds. We’re just a short drive from Mason Oh and Fairfield Oh….a big city hair salon without the big drive and big traffic.

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Karen Welch has 30 years of experience in the Hair Fashion Industry and is considered an expert in hair design and hair color and beauty makeovers.

Ashley E. amazing salon coordinator at SoZo HAIR by Bajon Salon. Ashley will make you feel welcome and at home with her naturally friendly and outgoing personality.