I am very picky about my hair, how it is cut and colored, and I have never found a place that cators to my exact wants and needs like SoZo HAIR Salon. A very specific example that I have of special attention and care occured back in September of 2004. I had dyed my hair with a home coloring kit (with which I had never had any problems with before) and my hair wound up turning purple. Frantic, I chose to color it again with a brown, and it turned a lovely black color. I was horrified with my hair! Luckly, my mom was able to make an appointment at SoZo HAIR Salon, a place I had never been. My appointment to save my hair was with a wonderful Hair Designer. Having never met before, we were able to talk much like we were old friends, and she was able to reassure me about my hair. Two long hours later, my hair was fixed! I have not been to another salon since. I love SoZo HAIR and the work they do with my hair. They are so great about listening to what I really want, and are really good about acutally doing it! I am also impressed with how easily I am able to schedule appointments, and how friendly the staff is! I have never been to a salon in which the staff comes and sits to talk with you, even though they arent the ones cutting your hair! I really look forward to getting my hair cut and colored at SoZo HAIR, because I am never disappointed and always come out feeling very confident and beautiful!

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to your clients! It really makes a difference!