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Spray Tan versus Airbrush Tan

Who doesn’t love a good tan?!?  The only thing better than a natural tan is a tan that is harmless on your skin.  With an airbrush tan, there are no damaging side effects, no sun spots, no premature aging, and most importantly no skin cancer!

What most people do not realize is that “airbrush tanning” and “spray tanning” are two different things. We thought we’d clarify though “airbrush tanning” is often referred to as “spray tan” even by professionals.

Spray Tan

“Spray” tanning tends to leave your skin looking more on the orange side, unlike “airbrush” tanning which leaves you with a bronzed sun kissed look. The reason for this is the solution used. A customized solution is used for “airbrush” tanning while a universal solution is used in a “spray” tan booth. A “spray” tan works by hopping into a small booth where there is an automated machine that sprays you up and down head to toe when you push the start button. Not only can this leave you with uneven streaks but the smell is very overwhelming.  Unlike “airbrush” tanning, the solution used in the “spray” tan booths tends to be only one specific shade used for everyone and every skin type and tone, which is not good for someone wanting to achieve a custom tan.  Also, in the “spray” tanning booths a person needs to flail their arms and legs around not knowing the proper positions in which they need to be situated in order to achieve a perfectly even tan.  “Spray” tan can take up to three sessions to achieve the tan of your choice and an even look.

Airbrush Tan


Here at Sozo HAIR, each client has their airbrush tan applied professionally by one of our trained employees who adjusts the solution to what will match best with each client’s skin tone!  Our main ingredient used in our sunless tanning product is dihydroxyacetone (DHA). DHA is a simple and non-toxic sugar derived from sugar beets and sugar cane so our clients need not worry about dangerous chemicals being sprayed onto them. Our airbrush tans typically last 7-10 days depending on skin type and after care given to preserve the tan.  Applying lotion every day after you get out of the shower will allow your spray tan to last longer as it gradually fades away in a natural way. While receiving your airbrush tan here at Sozo HAIR, we have a private room in the back of the salon set up specifically for privacy during your airbrush tan session. After we consult with you and decide what shade would look best on your skin, you then strip down to whatever you are comfortable in and we begin to spray you with our airbrush gun. Some like to wear a bathing suit or bra and panties while others want no tan lines whatsoever. The choice is yours and our professionals are comfortable with whatever you are comfortable with. Unlike a spray tan booth, we are able to show you the specific positions you need to be in in order to achieve a perfect streak free look on your first visit!

Preserve That Airbrush Tan

To preserve your airbrush tan avoid swimming, especially chlorinated pools, and hot tubs. Moisturize every day and do not use soap, only use gentle body wash. Do not exfoliate, exfoliation is great right before your tan but not again until you are finished with the airbrush tan and want to remove the remnants.


A great idea for a group is a “Tan Party!” Gather friends and make it a fun experience getting airbrush tans, one and all, while having quality time and a glow that’ll last a week or so:) Getting that glow and quality time can happen day or night without the harmful rays of the sun.


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