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Damaged hair is all too common!  If your hair is damaged take some of these things into consideration;

How are you treating your hair?

Are you gentle with your hair or do you “rake” through it yanking and tearing/splitting/breaking the poor strands? Be nice, be gentle!  Not over-working the hair and using the best products is step #1 in having healthy shiny beautiful hair! This is a daily thing that makes a big difference.  At SoZo HAIR our first priority is considering the condition of the hair as it is AND how it will be after any treatment. SAVE THAT HAIR.  By the way, the definition of Sozo is; To save, heal, and protect, to make whole. This applies to many things in life, we also apply it to hair, skin and nails here at SoZo.


How is your hair designer treating your hair?

Is he/she gentle with your locks?  Not rough and tough when shampooing, combing, coloring, clipping etc. Always ask if what you’re requesting will be too hard on your hairs integrity.  Sometimes hair designers just go with what a client’s request is to have done, not explaining the effect it may have on the condition of the hair.  Other times, the designer will explain and the client just “wants what they want” no matter the effect on the health of the hair. A cautious client will ask, weigh the pros and cons, then maybe compromise and get the home care products to be sure and treat the hair well. Instant gratification isn’t always gratifying in the long run. A reputable hair designer is worth listening to and will help you have beautiful hair no matter the length, texture or style.




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What products are you using to help your hair?

It is true….quality products do make a difference!  A great leave-in conditioning treatment is a MUST!  A leave-in treatment such as SoZo MIRACLE will protect and even heal the hair with antioxidants such as aloe vera along with irish moss, comfrey, alfalfa and keratin protein to soothe and pamper the hair.  Anti-aging ingredients keep the hair looking “younger” longer. Quality products are more concentrated with quality ingredients so they last longer because you use less and treat the hair better. Though a leave-in treatment is the number one priority, shampoo and conditioner need to be good to the hair as well.  Using quality shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatments protect from all the heat abuse we use on our hair but styling products play a role too.  If a styling product is too stiff it can make the hair brittle, styling products that give grit and bulk to the hair without being stiff and brittle are best.  “Workable” products will keep from “breaking” the hair.

Miracle isolated larger (Medium)

What tools are you using on your hair?

Flat irons, blow dryers, curling irons, they are HOT! Add that to chemically treated hair and PROTECTION is imperative. Is your blow dryer too hot?  As blow dryers get old, they can get hotter.  If held in one place too long, does your dryer burn your scalp or hand?  If so, it’s burning your hair too. Try using a medium heat setting on all tools.  The highest setting is usually too much. Repeated passes with the flat iron is most likely the number one reason for broken and damaged hair.  Diligently use a thermal protectant before ironing and turn down the heat for much healthier hair!

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How often are you shampooing your hair?

The main reason shampooing every day is so hard on the hair is because it usually means the hair is then blown dry, tugged on, ironed, and simply over-worked. Of course, if protection is used, such as quality products and quality tools that are not too hot it can be better for the hair that is shampooed every day but for those who can get around doing this the hair will be healthier. If shampooing every day, be sure to use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner such as the ALL NEW Marula Oil Shampoo and Conditioner (being released on Tuesday, April 26th, 2016) from SoZo Heavenly Haircare.  Marula Oil shampoo and conditioner are surprisingly moisturizing without being heavy! It is also very important to apply a leave-in conditioning treatment immediately following towel drying the hair.  Styling products can be applied over the leave-in treatment but a leave-in treatment such as SoZo MIRACLE detangles for gentler combing/brushing (less breakage) and protects from heat damage of a blow dryer, flat iron or curling iron etc.  MIRACLE also seals the cuticle (outside layer of the hair) to add shine, defrizz and seal in hair color.

If hair is NOT shampooed every day more of the natural oils are left in the hair which keeps the hair healthier along with avoiding all of the heat.

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So, to sum things up, try brushing your hair in the morning before deciding if it needs to be washed.  If you just “have” to wash every day, try just wetting or conditioning, at least this leaves some of the natural oils. Use products with quality ingredients and avoid high heat. Be sure you’re not pushing the limit with chemicals, discuss this with your hair designer, he/she may have insight they feel you haven’t been open to hearing.

Here’s to HaPpY HaIr DaYs, every day, (or almost every day, it’s good to have a standby ponytail or clip trick for those rushed occasions.) 🙂

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