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As women, we are constantly fighting with our hair to get it to do something different. Whether we are attempting to curl our straight hair or smooth our curly hair, the battle seems endless. One thing most of us can say is that we are continually “fighting frizz.” Several factors come into play with frizzy hair. Things like humidity, over processing from hair color, too much heat styling and using the incorrect shampoo and conditioner all play a part in causing frizz in our hair.

The Secret To Frizz Free Hair

Never fear ladies, we have uncovered the simple return to beautiful, smooth, shiny, FRIZZ-FREE hair!

What is this secret you ask? It’s called Brazilian Blowout and it has been a huge game changer for stylists and their clients alike! In the following article, we will discuss what Brazilian Blowout is, how it helps your hair, curly or straight, and it’s residual benefits. So strap in and get prepared to be Blown out of your seats!

Smoothing Treatment Of The Stars

Currently, Brazilian Blowout is being called the smoothing treatment of the Hollywood stars. Why are all of these celebrities going Gaga over this new smoothing treatment? There are several reasons for all of the hype, but the biggest one is that you can have beautiful, smooth, frizz free hair in as little as 90 minutes, that lasts up to 12 weeks. Brazilian Blowout is specifically formulated to reduce 90% of frizz, whether you want a super sleek straight look or just an anti-frizz treatment for your existing curls or waves.

Brazilian Blowout also reduces your blow-dry time by 40%, and increases shine in the hair. Brazilian Blowout is also formulated to protect the hair against heat styling and it can be performed after any color service to help seal in color and restore the hairs integrity.

So who can get a Brazilian Blowout? EVERYONE!

Brazilian Blowout is a specially formulated deep conditioning treatment, made up of amino acids that already exist in your hair, allowing it to not only strengthen the hair from the inside out but to smooth it in the safest manner possible.

The Brazilian Blowout Process

The process of having a Brazilian Blowout is simple and painless. First, a special deep cleansing shampoo is used to rid your hair of any impurities and product build up. Next, a special amino acid based solution is brushed onto your damp hair and is then blown dry into your locks. Once the hair is dry your stylist will flat iron your entire head, making from 5 to 10 passes over each section depending on the amount of smoothness desired by the client, which is why Brazilian Blowout is the only customizable smoothing treatment. Your hair will then be rinsed thoroughly and Brazilian Blowout Acai Masque will be applied. Your Masque will sit from 1 to 5 minutes and then be rinsed thoroughly. You are then able to blow-dry and style as desired. No 72 hour waiting period, no trip back to the salon two days later for flat ironing, just beautiful, shiny, sleek, frizz free hair that can be washed and worn as normal, immediately!

As with any styling system, purchasing Brazilian Blowout hair care products to help maintain your look at home will give you the best residual results from your Brazilian Blowout. This process can be repeated as often as every 12 weeks, and over time will need to be done less often, as the health and strength of your hair improve. No more hours of blowdrying and flat ironing ladies, just silky, lustrous, frizz free hair, every day and the only tool you need is your blow dryer.


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