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Flirty and feminine,  not straight and sleek, is what’s happening for the approaching warmer weather.  Not only is this type of look pretty, it’s usually less work, less damaging to the hair and holds the look longer.  It’s romantic hair!

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Toss that flat iron aside and go with some movement!  Whether wearing hair up or down, let it flow with some texture.  Blowing dry the hair on low velocity and heat or air drying will leave hair with any wave or curl much fuller.  (See /are-you-blowing-or-ironing-the-life-out-of-your-hair/).  No need to pull, tug or stress the locks for this spring look, go with what you’ve got and maybe add a little bit of curling iron work to areas of the hair that need organization or encouragement.

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A great way to de-frizz is to add SoZo’s MIRACLE Leave-In Treatment to damp hair and twist sections of hair, approximately 10-12 sections, if hair is long with few layers as few as 4 sections can work.  Let the hair dry on its own unless time does not allow, in this case, add blow dryer on low while holding the twist in place.  Once the hair is dry, run hands through to separate twists.  Add a soft hair spray like SoZo’s Perfection Aerosol if desired.


                                                                        When hair is up

When wearing hair up keep it loose and soft with pieces around the face left down and flowing.  Avoid perfection!  Even just taking pieces and pinning them up hap-hazardly is a romantic look.  Play and experiment, the thing about this is, recreating the exact look is difficult so just go with what happens and let your up-style evolve.

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Model makeup.

Enjoy the freedom of romantic hair this spring.  Tis the season to get out and play, not spend so much time on styling.  It may take a few tries to get the right balance of product and technique but don’t give up, it’s worth finding the easier, flowing, romantic looks you’ll love.

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Karen Welch has 30 years of experience in the Hair Fashion Industry and is considered an expert in hair design and hair color.