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Realistic hair color

Having realistic hair color expectations can be difficult at times.  Luckily, these days we have many options to help make hair more cooperative, and easy access to great communication tools for a more realistic consultation with professional hair designers.

Hair Artistry

As always, communication beforehand is vital.  Even with good communication, sometimes when we actually see our new look on ourselves, it’s just not what we expected.

The most common unrealistic  hair color expectations have to do with hair color, and hair color correction.  Fixing a hair color mis-hap is an art!  Since hair coloring is a theory, not a science, it takes a strong knowledge of this theory and lots of practice/experience for a hair colorist to do this well.  If hair color is needing correction, it may not be exactly where you want it after the first process.  To do correction properly, in a way that will last and not completely damage the hair, it needs to be done in steps.  Depending on the situation, it may be an easy fix, but it may be complex, if you want it done right!  Instant gratification is a big reason many a head of hair ends up damaged.

One example of misunderstanding hair color is that a lighter hair color formula, put on hair that is artificially colored darker, will lighten that color properly. It won’t.  The only way to lighten or remove artificial hair color that is darker than desired, is with “remover” or lightener (bleach).

Color & Highlights

The below “before” picture shows where home hair color was used to try and lighten the new growth instead of getting highlighted when it was time.  The hair was naturally too dark for color (instead of bleach) to get it past the orange stage.  The “after” picture was a very tedious correction done with foil high and low lights.  A great colorist can make a world of difference because this was not an easy task! It’s very important to choose the right stylist with experience to insure your color & highlights are perfect. (

Color & Highlights in Cincinnaticolor & highlights in west chester

The below “before” picture shows a warmer (golden) look that resulted from months of faded lowlights.  The “after” picture is with refreshed highlights at the new growth, lowlights through the ends and a toner overall, (then layered and curled).  The client was not used to such a cool (ashen) look so the toner had to be gently faded to warm it up slightly.

20140927_121842 (Small) 20140927_182803 (Small)

If you are not good with “change” it’s probably smart to take small steps and gradually work into a new color or style.  If you are a “risk taker” go for it, it’s fun!

Have a HaPpY HaIr DaY!


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Karen Welch




Karen Welch has 30 years of experience in the Hair Fashion Industry and is considered an expert in hair design and hair color.

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