Pedicured foot and manicured hand with an elegant tulip

Pedicured foot and manicured hand with an elegant tulip


SoZo HAIR Salon Tips

Pretty hands and feet are a simple way of feeling better.  Though true beauty comes from the inside, it does feel good to have “outer pretty” too.  Enjoying a manicure and pedicure while they’re being performed can be a pampering and relaxing experience, the lasting benefit is enjoyable as well.  The new, longer lasting options for polishing make these services even more worth while.prettyhandsfeet

It used to be that polish on natural fingernails would only last a day for anyone who washed their hands a lot, worked with paper, gardening or even just bumped a nail wrong.  Toenail polish lasts nicely because we just don’t use our feet like we do our hands.


Then came acrylic nails, this worked to keep nails pretty much longer but, it’s hard on the natural nail and still requires dry time.

Now we have gel polish that is dry when finished with the application process and lasts, on average, 10-14 days, for some people much longer!  It’s nice on toes in the winter too because shoes can be put right back on following the application process.


The removal process of gel polish is crucial in protecting the natural nail.  Too much “scraping” is hard on the nail, having the nails wrapped with polish remover and being patient is the best option.

Another wonderful option for fast drying, long lasting AND easy removal is the CND, Vinylux polish, and those of it’s type. No light required to cure this polish and it still dries quickly.  No soaking or wrapping to remove either.


With all these great options, now we just need the time to actually have, or do, the services when needed.  Pretty hands and feet are easier than ever before, but since we’re all busier than ever before, setting aside a little time can be hard, but well worth it.


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Karen Welch

Karen Welch has over 30 years of experience in the Salon/Spa Industry and is considered a veteran with expertise in many areas of hair, skin and nails.

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