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For most of my life a change in seasons has always meant a change in the color of my hair as well.  I find this fact to be true for many women,  we wear beautiful blonde highlights in the summer to help enhance the sun kissed glow of our skin, and as the weather gets cooler, our hair inevitably winds up being changed to something a bit darker. Most will simply have their hair designer add a few low lights over the cooler months to tone down their blonde and as the weather warns up they put more highlights back in, simple as that.  However,  we also have our extremists out there, (including myself) who like to go all over dark for the winter and then back to blonde for the summer. It can be slightly more difficult to master this transition,  especially if you are concerned with maintaining the integrity of your hair.

highlightsjpghighlighting hair touch uphair touch up highlights

In this article I will attempt to give you some “tips and tricks” to prepare and care for your hair as you make the transition from your winter color back to your summer color.
When preparing to embark on this journey,  let’s first remember that slow and steady wins the race. I know the shock value of going from dark to blonde all in one shot is exciting for us, but it is TERRIBLE on your hair! Many of the best hair designers I have met in my lifetime suggest a series of foil highlight applications to bring your hair back to blonde and keep it as beautiful and healthy as possible while doing so.
About a week before your first highlight have your hair washed with a clarifying shampoo, and then treated with a deep conditioning treatment.  (SoZo’s Argon Recovery Mask is a favorite!).  During this week also try to avoid excessive heat styling, and pulling on or teasing the hair.  This will allow your hair to rest and absorb as much moisture as possible before your highlighting service.
After your first highlights have been put in your hair, try to have another deep conditioning treatment done ever 2 weeks or there abouts.  Highlights can strip a large amount of moisture and essential proteins from the hair, it is necessary to replace these as we take the journey back to blonde so that we wind up with gorgeous healthy hair as a finished result.

Continue to see your hair designer every 4 to 6 weeks until your desired level of blonde is achieved.  Also, continue conditioning treatments in between highlighting services,  and be sure that you are allowing your hair designer to make necessary hair touch up “trims” to the ends of your hair.  This will help the hair to grow more quickly instead of split,  and prevent the ends from looking frizzy, brittle and dry.  If you are trying to achieve a certain tone to your blonde, always feel free to discuss toning options with your designer. We are here to help you achieve the most beautiful you in the most gentile way possible for your hair.
Blonding your hair is most definitely an investment.  It takes several sittings with your designer to get you to your desired results,  and faithful root touch up appointments after your goal has been reached.
As always,  I recommend asking your hair designer for advice on at home care and maintenance of your brilliant blond locks. SoZo offers an array of nourishing products to keep your blonde looking moisturized,  shiny, and lustrous all summer long!  Let us show you how great your blonde can be with the help of fantastic hair designers and a product line designed with loving care for your hair!


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