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Just in…the newest highlight trend for hair is streaky “ribbon” like highlights.  This means highlights are not fine and blended, but noticeably separate pieces that are placed farther apart.  These pieces don’t go all the way to the scalp, they start at varying points in the mid-shaft of the hair and are usually heavier around the face.


The amount, actual size and specific color of the ribbon highlights are your choice, make them your own.  The idea is that the highlight be separate from the base color from the point it starts, through the length of the hair strand.  This means that an all over color may need to be applied around the highlighted pieces, or at least heavy low lights placed around the ribbon highlights.  Low lights are darker pieces or sections as apposed to lighter pieces.

I personally am not a fan of coloring over all of the hair, then going back in to remove some of that color.  The reason is that the health of the hair is always my first concern, coloring just to then remove that color with a harsh lightener is too much for the hair in my opinion.

These type of highlights can be done on most hair lengths.



This look is different than Ombre in that the color is not “heavy” on the ends, it’s a highlight effect all the way through the length.

It isn’t the “chunky” look on the top of the head that we were seeing prior to Ombre either. Below are pictures of what you might want to show your designer that you DON’T want when looking for this new highlight effect.


Have a HaPpY HaIr DaY!


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