The Journey

It’s been 2 years since SoZo HAIR purchased Kay’s Wigs. Kay’s owner was in business for over 30 years and was planning to retire and close her store in November 2018. When we realized so many people would be without easy access to quality wigs and quality service. It was a natural reaction to consider incorporating wigs into SoZo HAIR. We have since changed our name to SoZo Hair, Spa & Wigs!

Karen Welch, owner of SoZo Hair, Spa & Wigs, has been a licensed cosmetologist and hair designer for 36 years. Having experience with clients, friends andfamily dealing with hair loss, mostly due to (stupid) cancer, Karen knew how important wigs were to so many people and how rewarding it was to help people with the scary issue of hair loss due to medical treatments, etc.

Karen describes the last 2 years as “very rewarding”. She says “it’s amazing how the right wig is such a morale booster when people don’t feel well or, feel like they don’t look their best”. Meeting so many people with such tough circumstances yet a fighting, hopeful, resilient and/or positive attitude is very refreshing. Each person’s journey is unique yet has commonalities, too. Though cancer and other issues can really stink, some of the experiences and epiphanies gained through these things are priceless. The Lord sure can pull things together for “good” when we’re open to it.

This is NOT your Grandma’s Wig!

As far as wigs themselves go, boy have they come a long way! They are so natural looking, stylish and easy to care for these days. Quality synthetic wigs are almost the better option now compared to human hair wigs. Quality synthetic wigs, and there is a difference between quality and “not” quality, actually hold up longer than human hair wigs.

Human hair wigs are made from hair that is usually course in texture, dark in color, has some natural wave and has been around a while as it grew long enough to sell. This hair has to be treated with chemicals to sanitize and color, it has to be handled quite a bit and finally sewn into a cap for the wig. Being perfectly honest, some methods of acquiring human hair can be questionable.

Having said that, there are pros and cons to everything, including human hair versus synthetic hair. Most human hair is sold in a legitimate manner, but, some is acquired in a manipulative way, and some is actually “stolen.” Yes, believe it or not where there’s a market/demand for something, even “hair,” there is a black market.

Only the Best for Discerning Clients

SoZo HAIR Spa and Wigs works with reputable suppliers so we do our best to ensure our products are on the “up and up.”
With hair additions, weaves, extensions, wigs etc. being so very popular these days, it is amazing how natural and undetectable these products are. They are commonly used in this day and age with no obvious “giveaways/clues.” The seamless looks and easy to use hair pieces just keep getting better.

Have some fun with these products whether a necessity or an accessory. The options are endless and open a whole new world to hair styles and hair styling.

HaVe A HaPpY hAiR dAy, EvErYdAy with SoZo HAIR Spa and Wigs❣