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Simple Facts

For centuries, women have fought their hair’s natural texture. Straight hair got permed, curly hair got relaxed, or, ironed etc. and every wave in between met its fate with heat and chemicals of all kinds. This age-old battle with our tresses comes down to a couple simple facts;


One: we all want what we don’t have. Curly wants straight, straight wants curly and so on.

The second fact is: for many years our selection of good, quality, salon grade styling aids was rather limited. Anyone who wore their natural texture was constantly running in circles to find a product that fought frizz, added moisture and shine, and didn’t leave hair looking stiff, or greasy. Lucidly, styling products have evolved into a huge market of choices to battle even your worst hair day and leave your locks looking fabulous, even in their natural state.

Technically speaking, texture is the diameter of each individual strand of hair, the size of each hair.  In this article, we are speaking of the “movement” of the hair, the wave or lack of movement/wave, which is straight hair. As we discuss below, straight hair can have texture too.

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Embrace Natural Texture

In the last few years wearing your hair’s natural texture had become extremely popular, making what once was a grueling morning routine much easier. Gone are the days where the super straight, ironed look is what was required. Today’s styles involve everything from messy natural waves and curls, after braided waves, soft beachy curls and tousled layers.

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Embracing beautiful, natural texture, without a sticky or hard finished look is now easier than ever. There are all kinds of styling aids that go into the hair while it’s wet, and leave it looking frizz free and naturally beautiful and require little to not heat styling. Letting your natural texture air dry with the proper products will keep you shorter on time and hassle in the mornings and keep heat damage to a minimum. Ask your stylist about which creams, gels, mousses and oils will work best together or by themselves, for your hair’s natural type and texture.


Another great quality about natural texture is that it can easily be braided, twisted or pinned while it is wet, and set overnight to create a totally different, heat-free style for you in the morning. When styling your natural texture always start with a detangler, (SoZo MIRACLE leave-in treatment is a miracle worker) a wide toothed comb or a wet brush. These tools are meant for brushing through textured hair without causing unnecessary breakage or tension.  Using a good regimen of salon quality products is always recommended, and will continue to aid you in styling your natural texture. When your look is finished, you can simply let it air dry or use any number of diffusers on your blow dryer to speed up dry time and keep frizz to a minimum.


Straight Hair, Or Is It?

For straight hair, the right products make a big difference as well.  The right cut, with the right amount of “texturizing”, will give body and movement too.  Often, hair that seems straight isn’t as straight as believed. Blowing the hair dry on a high-velocity setting, brushing and pulling, hides natural movement.  Using products that bulk up the hair strand and give some grit to the hair will help tremendously.  Taking a little time to experiment on a day off or an evening free can be worth the effort to see what “umph” your hair actually has.  Body building products such as SoZo Gel Mousse works as well on straight hair as it does on wavy or curly hair. Be generous with styling product and try scrunching and blowing hair upside down on a low setting to see what that hair really has going on.


Natural Texture Rocks

Natural texture rocks! So find the products that work for your hair type and let that natural beauty shine. Your stylist can always help you with a cut that will compliment your natural texture as well as showing you different styling tips, products and ideas. So put that iron away for some other day, and learn to love your natural texture as much as we do! Simplifying is freeing, spring and summer are great times to try a more natural look with hair, and makeup for that matter. See if something a little simpler doesn’t put a bounce in your step and in your hair!

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