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It’s that time of the year again when the humidity arrives.  We’re all out enjoying the warmer weather and attending events and family fun outside.  As the day goes on we start to notice our hair getting bigger and ohh…here comes the frizz!!!  All the time we spent this morning on our hair just went out the window.
Frizzy Hair
The more humid it gets, the worse our hair behaves. Today’s most desirable look is healthy, smooth, and shiny hair. Not many of us have this naturally. Most people have some form of curl or wave in their hair which is accompanied with frizz.  Also most of us have some type of chemical on our hair like a color or relaxer.  This also can create some frizz and breakage.
There is a solution to help control frizz and minimize your unruly curl during the summer months.  Ask your stylist about a Keratin smoothing treatment to defrizz.  A Keratin treatment will help control up to 95% of the frizz and smooth out some of the curl, leaving your hair manageable and shiney.  This will help cut down on drying time in the morning which means less heat damage to your hair, this is always a plus.

hair care treatment

frizzy5So who can get one?  Anyone can get a keratin treatment. It is totally safe for your hair. Even if you have color, relaxer, or an old perm, you can get one.  In fact, you can get a keratin treatment on the same day you receive your color.  Fewer days for salon appointments means more days for fun in the sun.  The Keratin treatment will not damage your hair.  It is a treatment that gradually leaves your hair over time.
It does not permanently change the structure of your hair bonds, instead it temporarily re-arranges them for 3-4 months. It will leave your hair healthier, stronger, and smoother, while adding amazing shine.  You can also prolong your Keratin treatment by using the recommended take home products your stylist has to offer.  This will ensure that you get the most benefit you possibly can from your Keratin treatment.  If you want to control your frizz and curl during the hot summer months, treat yourself to a Keratin treatment and enjoy the pool, sports, or fun gatherings without the hassle of big, frizzy hair.

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