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Do you have a low maintenance lifestyle and aren’t able to color your hair very often? Are you trying to go lighter for the spring, but tired of the dark roots and two-toned drastic look? When you’re ready for a change but don’t want noticeable roots, melt your color. Keep some natural and melt the other shades in.  Color melting is the latest hair color trend and would be perfect for you! Trendy and more practical.


Ombre, Sombre, Color Melting

Color melting is very similar to the Ombré or the Sombre techniques, but it is usually done with three or more colors, melting them together very gradually. Ombré hair color is generally darker at the roots through the mid-shaft and then gets lighter from the mid-shaft to the ends. Ombré styles are usually more severe, meaning the root color will be several shades darker than the ends.  They are achieved by a hair coloring technique called Balayage. Balayage is a free-form highlighting method. Balayage can offer a more natural look to highlighting hair by doing away with the more uniform foiling process. Instead of taking section by section like foiling, the stylist will pick up random pieces of hair and paint them with the desired hair color, the amount and shade are decided during the consultation.  Some prefer all of the ends to be lighter while others still want the ends to have some variation in color.  Color Melting will have more blended variation throughout, from scalp to ends.



This is a beautiful Ombre.  We’ve all probably seen many variations, some better than others.  Though still a hot trend, it’s changing a bit.

  Sombre (Soft Ombre)


A much softer version of Ombre. Very much like natural hair will lighten with exposure, the longer it’s around the more exposure it gets, the lighter it can become.

        Color Melting


Very interesting “blend” of color. 3 or more colors melted together creates beautiful interest and a lower maintenance grow-out.

The Newest Trend

Unlike the Ombré, color melting doesn’t have to go from dark to light, it can be any combination of colors. Color melting is a technique that blends the highlights with the natural color of the hair so that you do not have a harsh line of demarcation. It makes it so you can’t tell where the color begins and another one ends. Color melting has transitioned the Ombré into a more subtle look. It adds the “middle man” to where the root, mid-shaft and bottom colors merge together. It is the newest trend that uses a little bit of all the coloring techniques such as Ombré, Sombre, foils, and Balayage but gives a more polished end result.


As subtle a color melt as you choose, make it yours. Suit your personality and lifestyle with your favorite shades and depths.

Melt Multiple Colors Together

The difference in color melting and regular highlights is that you can use multiple colors to create a “melted” look while all the colors blend together. For example, think of a firework. When it first bursts into the sky, it is very bright. As it expands outward, it gradually fades into different shades and the colors begin to melt together. You eventually lose sight of the initial color. This technique makes the hair color look like it could have naturally happened even when they are fashion shades, like purple or teal.


Color melting is a perfect way to change your whole look without drastically changing your lifestyle. You will be able to extend your salon visits which will benefit the condition of your hair in the long run. It does not matter on the texture, thickness, or length of your hair. Your age or skin tone also will not have any factor. Color melting is a versatile look and the color combination is endless. The next time you are in the salon and want something new and trendy, but still low maintenance, try color melting. I guarantee you will not be disappointed!


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