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mens feet 1Guys, WHY NOT consider getting a men’s pedicure?  That’s the real question.  I tell you for your own benefit men, nice feet are important!  Not only can ugly feet be avoided, it feels good to get a pedicure.  It’s not just for women and girls, you sit on a throne for crying out loud, and the massage of the feet and legs should be awesome for anyone.

At the risk of being too blunt, many men have issues with the feet that can be fixed easily.  Fungus, for instance, is not attractive and is usually taken care of with an easy to use, at home product.  A professional can recommend the right product, you’re not “stuck” with fungus.  “Picking” the toes isn’t necessary either, why not relax and let someone do it for you?  An open mind may bring you to something you never thought you’d appreciate.

It’ll be like flying first class, once you’ve done it, you’ll always want to do it.  The key is finding a place you’re comfortable with.  A little privacy is good, a salon with minimal chairs in a pedicure room is something to look for. Feel free to call and ask the questions you may have about getting a men’s pedicure before deciding on a place to go, you’ve got nothing to lose.mens feet 4

A description of what to expect; First the feet will be soaked in a warm bath with a cleansing product added, so don’t worry about coming right from the gym or a long day at work.  Next the nails will be clipped and/or filed along with the cuticles being pushed back and nipped if needed.  Then the feet will be exfoliated with a scrub and gently sanded, (I use that word because men can relate to sanding).  Finally, soak off the scrub and AHHHHHH, the best part, massage of the feet and lower legs.  At this point you probably won’t care either way, but men don’t usually get polish though a clear coat is always an option.

You’ll be glad you did it and so will your significant other!  Don’t wait, delegate this one and give yourself a treat.

Have a HaPpY HaIr DaY!


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