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For years women, and even men, have fought the battle of getting a fuller more voluminous look for their hair. “How does my stylist get my hair to look beautiful, but when I try at home I can’t even come close?” Is an extremely common question. Well, we are here to bring you the tips, tricks, how to’s  and product secrets that will get you that va-va-voom you are looking for every day.

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The right cut for fuller hair

Volume in your style often starts with the type of haircut, and the amount of texture you are wearing. To achieve volume in a style, most commonly, your stylist will add layers. Layers remove weight from the hair, giving it a much fuller appearance, even before styling. Your stylist may also use a feather razor or texture shears to remove weight and add texture to your haircut as well.

The right products for fuller hair

From this point, it’s all about creating the proper foundation of products, starting with your shampoo and conditioner. A volumizing shampoo will cleanse your hair and leave it weightless and free of product residue, dirt, and oil that will weigh your hair down. Pair your volumizing shampoo (try SoZo Volumizing Shampoo) with a cream rinse or detangler, these are lighter versions of your standard conditioners. They close down the hair’s cuticle and add softness to your hair without adding weight (try SoZo Silk Protein).
SoZo Volumize Shampoo 8oz (Medium)SoZo Silk Protein Conditioner 8oz (Medium)
After you shampoo and condition, towel dry your hair gently and get ready to start adding your foundation products. Foundation products are products that go into the hair while it is still damp before you blow dry. We always recommend a leave in conditioning product and suggest using one that has both a UV protectant and a thermal protectant (Miracle Leave In Treatment by SoZo).Miracle isolated larger (Medium)
You will then want to use a product to help life the root of your hair. These products are applied to the top and crown of your hair, at the root, and need to be used liberally, (SoZo Root Boost). Lastly, you will want to add a light hold styling product like a Mousse or cream gel to help your hair hold shape as you blow-dry, (try SoZo Gel Mousse or SoZo Spray Gel).
SoZo Root Boost 8oz (Medium)SoZo Gel Mousse 8oz (Medium)SoZo Spray Gel 8oz (Medium)

Hints on styling for fuller hair

Now that we have created an excellent foundation for our style, it’s time to  blow dry. Start by tousling the hair with your free hand as you dry until your root area is about 90 percent dry. You can then flip your head upside down, still tousling with your free hand until your entire head is about 90 percent dry. Flip your hair back over and use a medium or large round brush to finish your blow dry, focusing on over directing (exaggerating the motion of the round brush to sit right on top of the section being rolled) upwards, and in the opposite direction of how you will be wearing it when your style is complete.

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Wavy Hair Long Medium

Now that we are dry, and styled we can add our finishing touches. For more formal curls, you can use a curling iron after your blow dry. For a smoother look, you can run a flat iron over your hair. For more volume in the top and crown area of your hair, try using a teasing brush and taking small sections near the root of the hair and back brushing them. Then use a smoothing or finishing brush to give your teased areas a smoother finish. Once your style is complete, and your desired look is accomplished  you will want to use a medium to firm hold hairspray to set your style into  place.  (Try SoZo Perfection Hairspray or SoZo Perfection Plus Hairspray) You can also add a light dusting of shine spray to your finished style to keep it looking lustrous throughout the day.
While all of this may seem slightly time-consuming, it should only take you about 20 to 30 minutes total from start to finish. The time may vary depending on your hair length and density, and your time will get shorter as you get better at recreating your amped up look. Don’t be shy, turn the volume up on your style today!

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